The Ultimate Spring Glow-Up! Transitioning Your Winter Skincare to Warmer Weather

March 12, 2023

We are finally seeing warmer days which means you will see a few changes in your skin as it transitions from the cold winter months to warm summer days!

During winter, it is important to seal in all the moisturizer and hydration you can get to protect your skin barrier. Most people see drier skin through the winter months. Switching up your products through the seasons helps protect and preserve the integrity of your skin. 


Switch your cream cleanser to a gel or foaming wash. Make sure you are washing away all the dirt, oil and impurities, especially sweat! Obagi’s Foaming Gel cleanser is a great option for the summer. Leaves your skin squeaky clean without feeling stripped. The key ingredients in this cleanser are oat amino acids and aloe. Oat amino acid is a water binding ingredient that helps retain the moisture in the skin. Aloe is an AMAZING ingredient that calms and soothes the skin. 


It is better to use lighter products so you are not feeling sticky and heavy throughout a hot busy day. Transition from a thick rich moisturizer to a lighter formula like Obagi’s Hydrate. As the weather becomes less dry your skin will naturally be more hydrated, we love the Obagi Hydrate for its hydromanil key ingredient. It holds in moisture and prevents water loss as well as improving the skin’s appearance and texture. If you feel you are very oily no matter the season make sure you are still using a moisturizer. When the skin is not properly hydrated it can overcompensate which can cause more sebum or oil to be produced. Stay consistent!


A great product to combat excess oil and large pores is skinBe’s glowBe Pads. These pads are saturated with a low dose of salicylic and glycolic acid which will minimize the look of pores and even out the skin’s oil production. 


Lastly, you want to make sure you are upping your SPF protection! No matter what you are doing during the day, always apply sunscreen! During the summer sun exposure is increased which increases your risk of sun damage and skin cancer. Obagi’s Sun Shield SPF 50 is a great option for all skin types and colors. SPF is your BFF!