The Latest Innovation in Hair Restoration Using Your Own Blood
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Hair loss is typically a genetic issue that has been plaguing men and women for centuries. It’s a common problem amongst Americans. Sixty-five percent of men have noticeable hair loss by age 60, and 35 million men in the United States experience hair loss, while it affects 21 million women.

Despite the prevalence of baldness, effective treatments are limited. Prescription medications can be successful for some clients, but there’s a potential for unwanted side effects. Hair transplantation surgery is expensive, has a relatively long recovery time and does not treat underlying medical issues.

skinBe Med Spa offers the latest innovations in hair restoration, Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP). Some of the benefits include: 

  • Affordable and proven effective

  • No surgery required and no downtime

  • No harmful side effects

  • Increase blood supply to the follicle

  • Increase hair shaft thickness

  • Trigger and maintain the growth phase

  • Control hair growth cycle

  • Decreased hair loss

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The Science Behind Sexy Lips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better time to make sure you have the perfect pout, for that perfect Valentine’s Day kiss? What makes lips sexy? Is it a perfect cupid’s bow? Volume? Eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles in the peri-oral area also known as the ‘smokers lines?’ Or is it completely subjective?

According to a study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery in 2017, lips with a surface area that is 53.5% bigger than the women’s baseline - natural mouth size - and that take up about 10% of the lower third of their face are found to be more attractive. In addition to the increase from baseline size, the sexiest ratio for lips is 1:2; this means that the upper lip is half the size of the bottom lip, but current aesthetic trends vary in ratio.

Lately, the media has influenced a preference towards a more 1:1 ratio, but 1:2 is what the study found to be a more attractive and natural ratio. Alternatively, a 2:1 ratio where the upper lip is twice the size of the bottom lip, was deemed to be the least attractive.

So, how can you obtain the perfect size and ratio for you? When you come in for an assessment with one of talented nurses, they will look at the specific shape, size and ratio of your lips in proportion to your overall face, discuss your goals, and create a custom treatment plan just for you. We offer a variety of dermal fillers for the lips that can enhance your face so you can look and feel your BeST! Add a skinBe drip to maximize the results, creating a hydrated look that can last longer!

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Dominate Your Life

It was over 15 years ago when I hurt my back and the pain management started. I had two surgeries and up until I discovered the power of Toradol (and the Dominate cocktail drip) at skinBe, I was managing the pain quarterly with back injections. Now, instead of using pain meds, I get a 5-second Toradol booster shot or a Dominate cocktail drip weekly to help with the pain while boosting my overall wellness too.

Toradol works by blocking your body's production of certain natural substances that cause inflammation. This effect helps to decreases swelling, pain and fever. The Toreador booster is perfect for people who don’t have time for a drip and need some pain relief.

The Dominate cocktail drip is loaded with nutrients to boost your performance physically, mentally, sexually and give you that overall endurance to dominate your life, along with the powerful benefits of Toradol for pain relief and recovery.

Once you begin your wellness journey with skinBe, you can say bye to pain and hello to wellness!

Cheers to an AMAZING 2019!

Beth Donaldson
You are What You Drip
Photo credit: Ladue News

Photo credit: Ladue News


What is IV nutritional therapy?

Intravenous (IVtherapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream used to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies caused by lifestyle, genetics, environment, and digestion breakdown.

Studies have found that IV therapy can be a great way to improve many health conditions and achieve optimal health and wellness. IV nutritional therapy is an effective and efficient treatment at replenishing vitamins and minerals because it bypasses the digestive system, versus food and oral supplements must be chewed or swallowed whole then digested. The food and oral supplements then pass through the body, and break down through the digestive process, ultimately losing the ability to absorb a majority of the nutrients. Since IV nutritional therapy is administered directly into the bloodstream, it can achieve 100% absorption to allow for maximum benefits and a life well lived.

You are what you drip.

Get your dose.

Beth Donaldson
Be Well

Winter and the hustle bustle of the holiday season is approaching, and with it comes cozy nights by the fire, comfort food, and time with family and friends. For many, all the good stuff comes with cold and flu season too.

Often times, nutrient deficiencies can take place without awareness because of the world we live, and can make us more vulnerable to illness. We are constantly fighting environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors that play a key role in our overall wellness. To top it off, when we attempt to behave and eat well or take oral supplements, our bodies only absorb a small percentage of the nutrients because most of it gets lost in transition. With IV nutritional therapy and vitamin boosters, your body can absorb up to 100% of the nutrients so that your body can achieve optimal wellness and fight illness.  At skinBe we offer a wide range of dripBar services that can help keep your immune system working well so you can avoid the Winter blues and be sure to feel (and look) your best while achieving Winter wellness!

Be well!

Beth Donaldson
Goodbye dark spots and uneven skin tone. Hello GORGEOUS!

For years I had dark spots on my face and neck area from ingrown hairs and a variety of other skin issues so I decided to give micro-needling a shot and had amazing results with just one treatment. Since it is suggested in a series of treatments for optimal results, I added the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to my second treatment to catapult the results. To say this treatment changed my skin (and eliminated the dark spots), would be an understatement. Just a few short days after each treatment my skin appeared glowy and bright achieving beautiful results and flawless skin.

Micro needling is a treatment for resurfacing and collagen stimulation. This treatment can be performed on any area of the body to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and scaring related to acne, surgical procedures, stretch marks, and more. When PRP is added to this treatment it intensifies the results significantly. It stimulates collagen production, activates stem cell activity, and is used to enrich and repair the skin and underlying tissues. Platelet rich plasma can be used in combination with microneedling treatments as well as for injection into targeted areas of the face and body, or hair restoration. 

It's time for you to feel faBOOlous with a PRP SkinPen micro-needling treatment at skinBe!

Beth Donaldson
Botox for newBes, and Experienced Med Spa Goers

I started getting Botox at the age of 29, and if I could go back I would have started even sooner. Here’s Why!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

I’ve been getting Botox every 3 - 4 months since I was 29.  Does that sound young?  Most likely, if you've never done it before.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely. I would actually begin sooner.  Do I love the stuff?  Love is an understatement. Botox rocks!

Since I have several years of Botox use under my belt, I want to give you some tips to help you through the process.  It can be nerve-wracking to give a new procedure a go, especially when needles are involved (needles use to be a phobia of mine, can you believe that?)!  I was the person that thought about getting a Botox treatment for years before I decided to pull the trigger. I hope these tips are informative and helpful if you’ve been debating whether or not to take the plunge.

  • Prevention is priceless. Start early to help fight the signs of aging.

  • Good Botox isn’t cheap, and cheap Botox isn’t good. Don’t be cheap when it comes to any medical or aesthetic procedure. Receiving treatment at a clinic that offers authentic Botox (and Dysport) performed by experienced and knowledgeable medical staff is key to a great neuromodulator treatment.

  • Dose equals duration. It is important to receive an individualized treatment plan with an experienced medical professional to ensure maximum dosage for optimal, long-lasting results.

  • Consistency is key. Treatments are recommended every 3 – 4 months for optimal results.

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The Benefit of Belonging

There seems to be a membership or subscription for everything these days.  You can have everything from beauty products and clothing to family dinner delivered to your doorstep with a click of a button.  The reason that these services are thriving is because improvement or progress of any kind requires consistency and planning.  It is often easier to leave the planning portion to the experts and take advantage of a ready-made membership that is customized to an individual’s specific needs and goals. 

Our skinBe treatments are designed with one thing in mind; making sure our clients have the best experience possible and achieve the most transformative results.  The way we deliver those results is through an individualized assessment and consistent, effective treatments.  Whether our clients are looking for anti-aging or wellness solutions, the skinBe memberships create consistency and habit that allow for optimal, long-lasting results.

This month, skinBe Med Spa introduces our newest membership option; skinBe MVP.  The MVP membership includes any two cocktail drips, special membership pricing, and other exclusive benefits. With the many effective treatment options at skinBe, there is no better time to commit to living your best life, from the inside out!

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Ageless Beauty
Restylane Filler.jpg

As we age our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. Collagen in the skin also breaks down. These processes make deep wrinkles and collagen deficiencies more apparent. Other factors like heredity, lifestyle and sun exposure affect the appearance of the skin as well.

Dermal fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, can be used to restore this volume, improve mild to moderate facial wrinkles and help reverse the signs of aging.

Dermal fillers differ in chemical make-up, longevity and degrees of softness. The wide variety of available fillers and advanced techniques at skinBe allow for correction in an expanding number of areas on the face. Traditionally, fillers have been used in the lips and nasolabial folds. Now they can also be used for adding volume in many other areas. They can be used for cheek augmentation, to enhance shallow facial contours, to soften facial creases and wrinkles, to correct under-eye hollowness, to improve the appearance of recessed scars, to reverse aging of the hands, and beyond.

Dermal filler treatments are performed by our talented Master Nurse Injectors and require no down time. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated. Many fillers are now formulated with a local anesthetic that allows the procedure to be performed with complete comfort. The duration of results can range from 6 months to 2 years depending on the client, product used, and the area treated.

Before your aesthetic injection treatment at skinBe, you will have the opportunity to discuss your anti-aging and wellness goals with an experienced Master Injector to determine the best treatment options, and the best filler to use to meet your individual needs.

Be ageless. Be you.

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Blue is the New Fall Hue
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The leaves are falling, the pumpkin spice latte's are brewing, and although blue is not a color typically associated with Fall, it's the new hue this season.  At skinBe, our Obagi blue radiance peel is just what everyone's skin needs after a long, hot summer.  With little to no downtime post-peel, this treatment is great at promoting cellular turnover and can help to reverse effects caused by the sun along with other anti-aging benefits.  You'll leave having tighter, brighter and smoother looking skin after just one treatment! 

Okay, now I know what you’re thinking, “A peel is a great way to scare the kiddos without a Halloween mask” Trust us, your skin will not only look great but feel amazing too.  No wicked witch of the west for you! With calming agents such as licorice root and willow bark, this peel is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.  That’s right, anyone can do it!  So stop tricking yourself and start treating yourself to the best looking face for Fall!

Contact skinBe to book your complimentary anti-aging and wellness assessment today.

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We all get so busy with our lives. You know, getting the kids to school, taking them to extracurricular activities, working, running errands, paying bills, trying to keep up with a social life, furthering your education, and spending quality time with family. You get what I'm saying. Notice how a majority of everything above is taking care of everyone else? What about taking care of you and making sure you're living your best life?!!

While we stay so busy, often times we forget to drink enough water or make sure we are getting the adequate nutrients our body needs. In fact, most Americans are dehydrated and deficient in many nutrients causing a variety of health, mental and emotional issues. IV nutritional therapy is an amazing way absorb up to 100% of the powerful nutrients offered at skinBe, and to feel your absolute best. You get your hydration and nutrients which are two things the human body needs to function properly. skinBe cocktail drips also help reduce stress, increase energy (what we all need more of), and can even help with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. The wellness benefits with IV nutritional therapy are endless. Let me just say, you will leave feeling driptastic and ready to conquer the world! 

Beth Donaldson
LOVE the Skin You're In

When looking for a great skin care product, there are so many choices and so much information that it can be quite overwhelming.  As a result, often we just end up purchasing this product and that product until our skin care routine is made up of a hodge-podge of random, mismatched products.  And to add insult to that pocket book injury, many of these products just sit, half used and collect dust until we finally throw them away after discovering that they expired three years prior.  I am sure this scenario sounds familiar because this is the case with most of the individuals that visit skinBe Med Spa. The bottom line is that to have great skin, you must start with the basics.  That means protection from the elements, proper skin hydration, and appropriate skin care products. At skinBe, we have found that the Obagi skin care line meets all of these needs.

Obagi is a medical grade, prescription strength skin care product line.  While there are many skin care products that meet those two criteria, skinBe Med Spa chose Obagi because it is a trusted and transformative product line.  Obagi has been around for thirty years, which speaks to the consistent results and quality of the products. In a world that is always trying to move to the next big thing, Obagi has not only survived, but thrived and that is impressive.  There is something for almost any skin care concern in the Obagi line; aging skin, acne, or pigmentation issues just to name a few and the products are designed to work together to create a solid structure of skin care to produce the best results.

I could go on and on about how much I personally love these products, but I will just tell you about three of my favorites.  First, I will tell you that I am in love with the Vitamin C Serum! Like, really in love! Within only a few days of using this product, the skin is transformed and glowing.  Did I mention that I love the Vitamin C? Next, the Tretinoin (you may know this product as retinol). When you purchase a product that contains retinol, there is a conversion process that has to happen before the skin can use the product.  Obagi has done that conversion for us and gives us the most bioavailable form from the get go. Tretinoin is the most important anti-aging product for the skin because it whips those aging, misbehaving cells into shape to resurface and repair the skin…amazing.  Last but not least is a no-brainer; sunscreen. The Obagi Sunshield SPF 50 is, without a doubt, the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I have tried them all. It contains titanium and zinc in high concentrations to ensure a strong barrier between damaging UV rays and your beautiful skin.

If you are looking for a skin care routine that is established, trusted, and will get you the results that you have been searching for, Obagi is the answer.  The master nurse injectors at skinBe can help you start on the road to skin recovery and design an individualized skin care routine that will restore the youthful glow.

Beth Donaldson
The Perfect Pout

Lips have always been a symbol of sensuality and identity; and are considered to be a defining feature of the face. Ideally, we all want full, luscious and kissable lips. As we age, the appearance of our lips often change, they can lose fullness and volume, and develop fine lines and wrinkles. This ultimately creates a tired and aged look. As a result, lip enhancements are becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals who would like to reverse the signs of aging and recapture their youthful look.

At skinBe, we have many options to help create the perfect pout. We specialize in both Dermal Fillers and Neuromodulators to restore fullness and volume to lips, with natural-looking results. The treatment can be a combination of aesthetic injections in the lips and surrounding areas to help add volume that has been lost throughout the years, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance the contour, and give better definition to the overall lip shape. The outcome from advanced injection techniques at skinBe can make a significant difference to your look; rejuvenating your facial appearance and making you look much younger, youthful and refreshed. It’s about looking great and feeling more confident in the most subtle way. We take pride in being an advanced aesthetic clinic with expertise and qualifications ensuring to give each client a customized treatment plan based on specific needs and goals to get the best results.

Prepare to kiss your old lips goodbye and say hello to the perfect pout!

Beth Donaldson
B is for Botox

Have you become self-conscious of how fine lines and wrinkles have affected your appearance? Are you looking for a non-invasive option to achieve younger-looking skin? Long proven for efficacy, Botox and Dysport are highly renowned neuromodulators that can reduce deep forehead, glabellar and crow’s feet lines and wrinkles. They are also used for other advanced techniques at skinBe including the famous lip pop, orange peel and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The icing on the cake: no surgery, incisions, or downtime needed!

skinBe is committed to providing you with an unparalleled experience on your anti-aging and wellness journey to a BEtter you. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your needs and concerns are addressed throughout your skinBe experience. Schedule a complimentary anti-aging and wellness assessment with us to discover if Botox may be your key to a youthful and refreshed look.

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Recipe for Results
Recipe For Results.jpeg

What makes a great meal?  A combination of ingredients, careful prep work, and a chef that knows how all the ingredients work together and compliment each other.   If you are anything like me, a recipe is almost always the way to go.  When making a more complicated meal, or a meal that needs to be exceptional, you would most likely consult an expert to help guide you through the process from planning to serving.  Without guidance, you could end up with charred chicken or undercooked spaghetti.  The same concept applies to your wellness, anti-aging, and aesthetic goals.  While you may have a very clear picture of changes or improvements you would like to make, it can be difficult to reach those goals without all of the ingredients and some expert advice. 

skinBe Med Spa offers a wide range of products and treatments, that when used in combination, can take your results to the next level.  In the same way that peanut butter goes with jelly, our products and services are designed to work together.  And with the education provided by the skinBe staff, there are no limits.  The best recipe for looking and feeling your best includes many ingredients, but when put together properly, the results are nothing short of ‘deelicious’.  Healthy skin starts with great daily skin care and continues with maintenance treatments that exfoliate and promote cellular turnover.  skinBe carries Obagi, a medical grade and prescription strength skin care line.  We believe in Obagi because it is an established and trusted product that gets amazing results.  Results driven solutions also includes anti-aging treatments such as wrinkle relaxers, collagen stimulating treatments, and dermal fillers.  Another important component of looking and feeling your best is proper hydration and nutrient balance and this is where IV Nutritional Therapy at skinBe comes in.  The more hydrated your body is, the better it functions as the machine that it is. It cannot function properly without the necessary nutrients that help to prevent illness and disease, increase energy levels and improve performance.  By taking advantage of all of the products and services available at skinBe, it will help to yield the best results, a four-course meal is not always a possibility but an appetizer is always a good idea.

The Bright Side of Melasma

So like me, you have melasma? Lucky you!

Melasma is loyal. It will be your BFF for life. When I say BFF I'm talking about those irregular, brownish-gray, blotchy spots that decided to plant themselves on your face and never wants to leave. The best friend you never wanted. It comes from nowhere. It's commonly known as the pregnancy mask and can be caused by birth control, sun, genetics and a variety of other factors. Basically, it's a pain in the ass that we could all live without.

Turn that frown upside down and look at the brighter side...

At skinBe we have treatment options that work well for victims of melasma; and other skin conditions too. It all begins from the inside out and daily maintenance; IV nutritional therapy and medical grade skincare. IV nutritional therapy allows 100% absorption to build up nutrient deficiencies from within and achieve optimal wellness, including beautiful skin. Many of our nutrients offer anti-aging and beauty benefits to promote that dewy glow, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, fade brown spots (even melasma) and hydrate to achieve flawless skin. We also offer prescription strength Obagi medical grade skincare that is known for it's transformative properties. Daily use of the right products can change your life (and skin)!

Some of the products that have helped tremendously with my melasma issue include:
Obagi Vitamin C Serum - the perfect skincare product to lighten, tighten and brighten
Obagi Tretinoin - a great exfoliant for cell turnover to achieve long term anti-aging and overall skin goals
Obagi Hydrate - loaded with natural ingredients to moisturize and enhance the glow
Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50 - a skincare must, every day

If you are serious about fading or eliminating melasma and uneven skin tone, you must be committed to the process. It takes time, but the results are worth it.  Results can take several months, and you must take daily and monthly maintenance steps for optimal results. 

As your life changes so will your circle. Say good-bye to that BFF you never wanted!

Beth Donaldson
Boost your Life

Are you running in multiple directions at once?  On the go for work?  Kids’ practices and games? Feeling tired and drained? Needing that extra boost of energy?  It seems the norm in today’s society is to be constantly on the go juggling multiple things at once.  We are continuously reminded to eat right, get a good night’s sleep, remove the stress and exercise regularly.  Easier said than done. Vitamins don’t seem to do the trick or we forget to take them, not to mention the healthy person only absorbs 20 - 30% of anything taken orally.  Even an extra shot of espresso isn't enough these days. What's the answer to help give my body what it needs?

skinBe Booster Shots.  The treatment only takes 30 seconds and the benefits will have you feeling great and ready to tackle the busy life. skinBe has a little dose of everything for everyone; from B-12 for a perfect pick-me-up, Calm for a relaxing booster to aide in stress, Glutathione known as the 'Mother of all Antioxidants' that can help assist with inflammation and promotion of healing process, Vitamin D 'Sunshine in a Syringe' to help give you that happy feeling, and Lipo to help boost your metabolism and energy.  At skinBe you can trust the medical professionals to guide you in choosing the best therapy for your needs while receiving high quality nutrients. 

Beth Donaldson
Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

FabYOUlous at 40 has been on my mind lately as I'm approaching that milestone. You know that saying: the eyes are the windows of the soul. Over the last year when I looked in the mirror I saw tired, puffy eyes and that's not so fabulous. The nasojugal groove, known as tear trough was one of my areas of concern and I needed to filler up. I know most people don't give a lot of thought to this area of their face but many people struggle with volume loss in the area; and by treating it, your entire look can change.  As we naturally age there are decreases of fatty tissues under the lower eyelid and upper cheek areas of the face causing the muscles in the area to gradually lose elasticity and no longer remain tightly tethered in place. The gradual changes can eventually cause the tear trough depression and become puffy or bulge away from the face making you look tired 24/7.  This was happening to me and I knew it was time to do something about it. 

The good news! Without surgery, unattractive tear troughs can efficiently be corrected at skinBe Med Spa in less than a 30 minute treatment. With a simple treatment using Restylane you will see a remarkable improvement for significant deep tear troughs instantly, creating a rested and refreshed look.  The filler contains Hyaluronic Acid, an acid that is naturally produced in the body and will expand the tissue of tear troughs. The results are typically immediate and will result in a new you.

Be FabYOUlous!

Beth Donaldson
Wellness – Mind, Body, and Soul

What does it mean to ‘live your best life’?  This phrase seems to be everywhere and we all want to be the best version of ourselves, but what does that actually mean?  The answer may vary in content from person to person but, at the end of the day, the concept is probably pretty close to the same for all of us.  To ‘live your best life’ means to feel happy and energized, have a sense of inner peace, and the ability to love yourself.  Self-acceptance may be one of the most difficult life lessons there is, but one that we all must learn.  However, contrary to what the word ‘acceptance’ may imply, it does not mean that we just settle for less than we are worth or that we stop trying to improve ourselves and the world around us.  Self-acceptance includes the realization that there are things about ourselves and our lives that could use improvement and, the amazing thing is, we have the power to make those changes.

As we all get caught up in life, we become complacent in a less than fulfilling existence, unhealthy lifestyle, and less than optimal health.  Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly became aware that another year has gone by, you are feeling a little older, and looking a little more tired?  Well, I have and I decided to do something about it!  While I have always been very health conscious, I knew surprisingly little about the process of aging.  So, I started reaching out to experts on the topic, and in the process, something great happened.  I fell in love with aesthetics, anti-aging treatments, and skin care!  I learned a few important lessons; #1 PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEEDS OF YOUR BODY AND MIND, #2 PREVENTION IS THE KEY TO SLOWING THE AGING PROCESS, and #3 MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY! 

Looking and feeling younger comes with a commitment to yourself, a commitment to prevention and maintenance but this commitment can be an enjoyable one.  When you begin to see the AMAZING results that come from self-care, it is a commitment you will want to keep forever.  skinBe Med Spa provides education to clients about anti-aging and wellness and empowers men and women to feel and look their best.  Our talented staff is passionate about helping clients become their best.  skinBe offers anti-aging and wellness solutions such as IV nutritional Therapy, aesthetic injections, and medical grade skin care.  There is no better time to start taking care of YOU!  skinBe Med Spa can provide the education and treatment solutions for health and beauty, energy, athletic performance and more. 

Beth Donaldson
The Year-Round Sunburn

If you’ve ever suffered from any skin conditions, you know what a struggle they can be. Not just a struggle, but at times an absolute nightmare and losing battle. Even though you can cover it up with makeup, hide it with filters and some photoshop, there’s still only so much you can do to distract the eye. And when you’re looking in your un-filtered mirror and the makeup is washed off, it’s still there waiting for you. I’m not just talking about occasional breakouts, or even cystic acne. I’m talking about Rosacea: a common, but overlooked skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Often misdiagnosed as acne, Rosacea comes in several forms: splotchy redness, small red bumps, visible, large blood vessels, or any combination of these. Flare ups resemble a bad sunburn, and in the summer skin can get inflamed from high temperatures and humidity, even with minimal sun exposure. Causes are still unknown, but most commonly associated with abnormalities in the blood vessels on the face. To make matters worse, there’s no known cure, although there are quite a variety of treatments to help lessen symptoms. 

As someone who’s been victim to skin issues for over half my life, I can tell you that I’ve tried everything, as have most people who suffer from skin conditions. This includes prescription medication pills to creams heavy in benzoyl peroxide that would literally bleach my clothes and bedsheets. There are also masks, skin lightening treatments, and you guessed it.. NONE of it worked! All the topical creams I was prescribed were super acidic and full of alcohol and harsh irritants. I got so fed up with the medical side of trying to fix my face that I finally just quit everything… every pill, every cream, and every facewash. 

Everything I had ever been told about my condition from medical “experts” was that I had chronic acne. It wasn’t until I was a mid-twenties adult that I was properly diagnosed with Rosacea, after a decade and a half of misdiagnosis that only worsened my condition. But even then, the medications for Rosacea just weren’t quite cutting it either. One particular cream I was prescribed had a side effect of causing redness that I happened to see printed on the box from the pharmacy….. A cream that can cause redness to treat already irritated and red skin. Were my dermatologists even listening to my concerns? Unsurprisingly, my skin made zero improvements. Once again, I quit the medications, treatments, and recommendations prescribed by licensed dermatologists and searched for my own answers. Fortunately, I finally found some. When I started working at skinBe, I was introduced to a whole new world of skincare. I added some Obagi products into my routine, which helped decrease redness literally instantly. The Obagi Gentle Cleanser and Toner were so light and nourishing. For the first time ever after cleansing, my skin was not red at all. Throughout the day, my skin tone was more even and the bumps on my cheeks and forehead were minimally visible, if at all. The Obagi Professional-C serum has also been a life saver. It keeps my skin clear, reduces redness, and moisturizes any dry areas. I started using sunscreen every day (the good kind!) to help prevent future redness. With Obagi’s Sunshield SPF Matte and tinted sunscreens, my face did not get red after being in the sun for a few hours. Nor did it feel oily while wearing it, and I wasn’t beet red after washing it off at night. Other sunscreens did not work!

In January 2018, I experienced my first SkinPen treatment at skinBe – a literal game changer. It completely changed my skin. After the minimal downtime, my skin evened out and felt smoother to the touch. The red, bumpy texture gradually faded, and my skin was clearer than it ever had before. Everyone who noticed was commenting on how great my skin looked, too. Makeup looked more natural and smooth on my skin; something I had never experienced before either! 

As summer rolls in and the humidity and temperatures rise, anyone struggling with rosacea typically experiences more oiliness, redness, and bumpiness on their skin. Now that I am using the proper skin care regimen with the prescription strength Obagi line, I can tell a difference from previous summers in the appearance of my skin. Anyone who is experiencing anything that I’ve been through, I can say to use your best judgement when it comes to prescription treatments. Obagi is prescription strength skincare, and doesn’t contain any cheap fillers, or harsh ingredients. I’m confident that there IS something out there to help anyone, and customizing a skinBe Obagi skincare routine is in your favor – your skin will thank you!



Beth Donaldson