Skincare & Wellness Tips for Transitioning Into Fall, Winter


November 7, 2022


The Fall & Winter are the most common times of year to catch viral infections and to experience dry skin. Focus on protecting your skin barrier & your immune system. Here’s what we recommend to our clients during this time of year:

1. SKIN BARRIER SUPPORT: skinBe Lipid Drops

Colder months weaken our moisture barrier leaving the skin dry and dehydrated. Our hydration hero is skinBe Lipid Drops which increases skin hydration by 47% whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. MORE MOISTURE: Hydrate Luxe

Wind and cold make you more prone to dry skin. Now, is the time to increase your moisturizer. Hydrate Luxe is our go-to moisturizer for the extra-dry months.


Time to get rid of your dead skin! An advanced at-home medical grade glycolic peel will removes dead cells from the surface and improve luminosity and pore appearance.

4. HYDRATE FROM THE INSIDE OUT: dripBar cocktail

Drier, colder weather can lead to dehydration. A study from the University of New Hampshire found that your chance of dehydration actually increases during the colder months. Since people don’t feel as thirsty when the temperature drops, many forget to drink enough water.


As the sunlight fades with Daylight Savings, it’s important to closely monitor your Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D regulates many cellular functions in your body. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuro-protective properties support immune health, muscle function and brain cell activity.

For more information about the best skincare products and treatments for aging skin and how to incorporate them to your skincare routine, visit our site or book an appointment at our state of the art facility where our qualified and talented staff offers the skinBe WOW experience and attention to detail in every customized assessment and treatment helping our clients see visible results with no downtime.