skinBe Med Spa reALIGNS with expanded leadership and renewed focus on culture and growth launching the BeAligned initiative.

September 1, 2023

– skinBe Med Spa reALIGNS with expanded leadership and renewed focus on culture and growth launching the BeAligned initiative.

September 1, 2023, Since 2017, skinBe has built a solid brand and launched a myriad of new products and services including several memberships options, Body by Be®, Sculptra, two iterations of the skinBassador program, new cosmetic line and so much more. Amongst these new product launches and associated personnel growth and change, they are working to have a renewed focus on their Mission, Vision, and Core Values. By doing so, they will have a renewed emphasis on the company’s core competencies, providing clarity around the company’s goals and objectives, and increased alignment between the company’s strategy and its operations, as well as alignment between the company’s culture and its goals.

A large contributor to the BeAligned Initiative has been our strategic partner and new executive leadership team member, Kerri Roberts. Kerri has an extensive background in Strategic Human Resources as well as Operations and is bringing a fresh perspective to the med spa’s business foundation, policies, strategy, and other initiatives.

skinBe’s Vision is to become the global leaders in the anti-aging and wellness space by connecting the art of aesthetics and science of wellness and change lives around the world. How do they deliver on that Vision? By executing their Mission which is performing as a class act organization dedicated to delivering safe cutting-edge results to help their clients live their best lives from the inside out.

“I am excited to watch our BeAligned Initiative reinvigorate our organization’s operations to fit with our goals and objectives, industry trends, customer sentiment and expectations, and the economy. Beth [Donaldson, Founder + CEO] has built a world class organization and I am honored to serve alongside her and the rest of the team, continuing to elevate our service offerings and the way we do business. Before I came on board, I was a long-time client of the clinic, utilizing the full Obagi and skinBe skincare lines, the dripBar, and Body by Be services. I love being behind the scenes now, watching clients experience the massive results I have personally experienced over the years. It’s the perfect partnership. The BeAligned initiative addresses the need to focus on our Core Values and will provide a renewed focus on how we operate internally, which will then positively impact how we present ourselves externally.” – Kerri Roberts

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skinBe Med Spa is an exclusive WOW experience specializing in anti-aging and wellness services through the power of aesthetic injections, a one-of-a-kind dripBar, offering IV Nutritional Therapy and their recently launched Body by Be services including body contouring, weight loss and sexual wellness options. skinBe’s mission is to provide cutting edge customized solutions to help clients look and feel their best from the inside-out. There are many advantages to using these services to help prevent, restore and refresh allowing you to feel vibrant, energized and youthful; and ultimately becoming your best self. The staff at skinBe Med Spa bring years of experience, knowledge, passion and advanced techniques to get you results.  For additional information, contact skinBe Med Spa at 636.778.7200 or visit our website

skinBe launched its national franchise campaign to answer growing consumer demands for their services and experience offerings. For franchise development information, including available areas, visit or email