5 Reasons Why We Love Laser Hair Removal 

February 12, 2023

5 Reasons Why We Love Laser Hair Removal 


Here at skinBe the word is out and buzzing about our recent launch of Laser Hair Removal. Now, this isn’t something that is new to the aesthetic world however it is new to skinBe and we wanted to give you all the facts to help you make the decision if this is right for you!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair in various parts of the body. We have the PowerLaze device in the clinic and we are proud to offer the latest laser technology. The laser reaches the root of the hair follicle in which it is destroyed thus hair will be unable to grow in that damaged follicle. This procedure is virtually painless and the average person goes through about 6 treatments to ensure the laser is destroying all the hair in its active growth stage. 

Reason# 1 why we love laser hair removal… It’s a PERMANENT solution!

After your initial treatments you get to live the hair free life! We like to have 6 sessions for each client so we get all the hair! Our hair is never in the same growth cycles and can also stimulate dominant follicles. This gives our clients the confidence to feel their best in their skin and not have to worry about stubble or ingrown hairs!

Reason #2–Virtually pain-free

In the past, laser hair removal was very uncomfortable for most people and painful at times! Most people would describe it as someone snapping a rubber band to your skin…for an hour or so. We have the latest technology that is pain free, most people report it feeling like an ice cube melting on your skin. 

Reason #3–No more shaving, waxing, plucking!

To add another one, there is no more need to use Nair! Especially women, we put a LOT of time into removing our hair for all different reasons. Shaving is pain free but you have hair growth sometimes the next day, waxing and plucking are painful not to mention the cost of replacing razors, wax or depilatory creams. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Reason #4–Quick Laser Sessions

With the PowerLaze device it uses AI technology to calculate the time of one treatment area and the longest treatment time is just over 2 minutes. 2 MINUTES! This gives you the ability to do multiple treatment areas during one visit to the clinic! You are in and out.

Reason #5–The PowerLaze treats all Fitzpatrick skin types!

In the past, people with darker complexions weren’t good candidates for laser hair removal because it could cause damage to the skin. We pride ourselves in offering treatments to people of all skin colors and types. As long as you have pigment in your hair and you want to remove it? Let’s talk! New clients receive complimentary assessments at skinBe, you look forward to meeting you!