Start off the New Year strong with some Self-Care tips from Amanda McGuire, owner of Lotus Hair Company

January 23, 2023

Tell us about Amanda + Lotus Hair company + where can we find you

My name is Amanda McGuire and I am 33 years old. I am a wife, mother, and owner of Lotus Hair Company. Lotus Hair Company is a newly opened hair salon located in the heart of Kirkwood. We specialize in hair extensions and customized color. We also offer eyelash services, mobile spray tanning, eyebrow services and haircuts. Our culture and guest experience assures everyone that walks through the door feels welcome and comfortable.

What was your motivation for collaborating with us as a skinBassador + what’s your favorite thing about being one? 

     I love everything skinBe represents. From the guest experience and treatments, to their core value of treating from the inside out. My favorite thing about being a skinBassador is the amount of support everyone has for one another.  The genuine support and encouragement toward everyone’s growing businesses has created a family-like bond amongst all of us. 


Why did you decide to become a hairstylist? What do you like about styling hair?:

Ever since I can remember I have always loved doing hair . Something about transforming people and making them feel beautiful is the most rewarding feeling. Someone can come into my chair having the worse day and by time they leave, they have a whole new positive perspective on their day. I love helping and giving people a boost of confidence and making them feel beautiful . Let’s talk about extensions ahh these have been a game changer. Not only can I add length to my guest but also can add thickness to my guests that have insecurities about how thin and fine their hair is . Their smile and gleam in their eyes when we are all finished is seriously STUNNING!

Since opening your own, brand new salon, what have you learned as a business owner?

 I have learned so much as being a business owner and I couldn’t do it without my right hand, my sister, Melissa . You definitely fake it til you make it.  Lots of lessons, seminars, the right people in your corner and long days of figuring it out. If you aren’t scared then you are not pushing yourself to be the greatest you can be . Looking back just the past year and seeing the growth in just that short time is a pretty cool feeling. Goal setting, hustle and pushing yourself are major keys to be successful.

With your busy schedule, how do you manage to take time for yourself and practice self-care?Through the busy week schedule of owning a business I always check out completely on the Weekends to dedicate to my personal life and my family. I dedicate Thursday mornings for any kind of self care that I need. 

We consider skinBe treatments to be a form of self-care. Do you consider hair care to be a form of self-care as well?

I absolutely think that hair care is a form of self care.  I think that it makes you feel more confident and positive about yourself which internally can help with your health and wellness.

How do you recommend people take care of their hair in between visits to the salon?

Using salon grade professional products from your stylist.

What are some skincare and wellness insecurities/challenges that you’ve faced in your lifetime?

 I used to have bad acne until I invested into great skincare . I recently switched to Obagi and skinBe skin care and it has been a game changer 

As a skinBassador, what skinBe treatments and products do you like the best? Why?

My favorite treatments are the drips, Dysport and dermal fillers. I always look natural when finished and it’s a huge confidence boost. My favorite skinBe products are the tinted SPF moisturizer and the skinBe glowBe pads.


You can learn more about Amanda + her work on Instagram @ hairbyamandamcguire ,@ lotushaircompany   + facebook @ Lotus Hair Company ,