skinBe Med Spa Relaunches skinBassador Program

August 30, 2022

—Our skinBassador program was created for influencers who share their passion for anti-aging and wellness treatments and have a deep desire to help others live their best lives, aligning with the skinBe mission.—

August 30, 2022, Chesterfield, Missouri — skinBe Med Spa is pleased to announce the relaunch of their skinBassador program, an initiative that presents influencers with the opportunity to spread the skinBe mission of uplifting and empowering others by being a part of this community to help change lives and boost confidence. The team is excited to see its impact and how it will inspire skinBe’s community to grow and touch even more lives. 

“Our brand ambassador program is much more than just social media posts. We are creating a community of people who share our mission– to help others look and feel their best. The skinBe brand ambassadors will be a group of wellness mentors who encourage others to embrace their own unique beauty and we are thrilled to officially relaunch the program.” says Kelley Bauer – Creative Director, skinBe Med Spa.

skinBe Med Spa is recruiting  local and national skinBassadors -more to come on their national initiatives – and is looking forward to collaborating with unique individuals who are passionate about spreading light so they can advance their mission and change more lives for the better.

“I have been a proud member of the skinBe family for over two years and my favorite part about working with their incredible team is the expertise and care that they put into beautifying every one of their clients.  I am so proud to show off my skin after being a skinBe client and skinBassador. I have truly found my glow!!” says Gillian Hughes, skinBe Founding skinBassador. “I knew right away that this collaboration would be something in line with my brand as a women’s fitness and nutrition specialist as their values as a company center around helping each of their clients feel their best and radiate their inner beauty!  Beauty radiates from within and at skinBe their passionate team helps women and men feel their best, head to toe, from the inside out.  I am so proud to be the Founding skinBassador at skinBe.” Hughes, Fitness Coach + skinBassador said.

The program has been a longtime coming for Beth Donaldson, skinBe Founder and CEO; who has seen firsthand the growth of skinBe Med Spa since opening in December 2017 through the dedication and loyalty of longtime clients and Founding skinBassador Gillian Hughes, who spread the love of skinBe far and wide. 

Kelley, skinBe Creative Director, has hand selected two additional skinBassadors for the relaunch who align with the company’s mission and values – Amanda McGuire, owner of Lotus Hair Company and Julie McDonnell, Senior Manufacturing Administrator with Bausch + Lomb. Amanda and Julie have both been skinBe clients for several years before joining the skinBassador initiative. Kelley and team look forward to building this community with other influential brand ambassadors to empower others to confidently express their own unique one of a kindness so they can look, feel and do their best which is at the core of skinBe’s mission.

If you have any questions about the skinBassador program please, call 636.778.7200 or visit