skinBe Med Spa Named America’s Top 20 Hottest Franchise in 2020

February 16, 2022

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—skinBe Med Spa named Hottest Franchise in 2020 leading the aesthetic and wellness industry by global business publication Aspioneer. —

August 4, 2020, Chesterfield, Missouri — skinBe Med Spa, opened their first clinic in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2017 and is known for their cutting-edge brand that encourages all to “Be you” by living their best life from the inside-out, and has been named one of America’s 20 Hottest Franchises in 2020 by Aspioneer, a global business publication. 

Founder + CEO Beth Donaldson decided to start offering franchises due to the growing demand of skinBe services, the volume of people that were looking to invest in the company, and the desire to share the skinBe experience with the world while helping other business owners achieve success through a proven system.

With over a decade of experience, Beth is no stranger to the aesthetic and wellness industry. Prior to skinBe Med Spa, she worked as a medical spa consultant with various companies, helping launch new businesses and turning around underperforming med spas to profitable clinics; and before that lead a successful career with a large med spa recognized as a key player in helping to grow from 16 locations to well over 100 locations nationwide.

“At Aspioneer we are constantly asked, “Which are the best franchises in America?” In our latest issue we answered this question. While creating this issue we wanted something different for our cover. We wanted to feature a type of business which is usually not what someone considers when talking about franchises.

In many ways skinBe Med Spa was the perfect fit. skinBe Med Spa bills itself as one the leaders of the aesthetic movement. The world of aesthetics has become a revolution in anti-aging, allowing everyone to maintain their beautiful and youthful appearance. The field of aesthetic medicine is one of the fastest growing in North America today.

Besides their business model which is robust, some features of their franchise made them stand out to us. What caught our attention first was the vibe of their establishment. Totally badass! Forget about waiting in clinical environments which look like a hospital. Each skinBe location looks like an upscale medical spa. The brand, which describes its style as ‘cutting edge, full of color and life’, sticks mostly to a palette of white, grays, and a signature skinBe blue. The experience starts with greeting clients with complimentary drinks such as coffee, Proud Source pristine naturally alkaline water (sourced from the Rocky Mountains), and champagne during special events.

We were also impressed by the skinBe efforts at educating their clients about their processes and the world of aesthetics and wellness in general. Their blog is a wonderful place which breaks down the technicalities into something which is easy and digestible. You can find information about difficult as well easy concepts explained in a way which makes you want to keep coming back. The best franchises are the ones which are the best at communication whether it is their message, their processes or their story. skinBe Med Spa clearly qualifies to be one of them. To know more about skinBe Med Spa and the franchise opportunities available, view our latest issue and discover who are the hottest American franchises of 2020,” states Aspioneer Editor in Chief Nidhi Badhwar.

The thought of being your own boss, controlling your own destiny, and realizing a slice of the American dream through business ownership is an attractive prospect for many people. “The $3.97 billion medical spa industry is growing consistently every year. Aesthetic services were generally known as a luxury, but that is no longer the case. The game has changed. Now, more than ever, people understand the value of looking and feeling their best — the girl (or guy) next door is seeking services offered at skinBe. In addition, with the skinBe business model, we are able to tap into the $3.7 trillion wellness industry with our state-of-the-art dripBar offerings. We truly offer an experience that no one else does.” said Donaldson. “We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs who possess hustle and heart, understand the concept of hard work, and are driven with passion to make their mark on this world by helping people live their best lives from the inside-out while growing the skinBe brand.”

Contact skinBe Med Spa to learn more about franchise opportunities nationwide at 636.778.7200 or

skinBe Med Spa is an exclusive WOW experience specializing in anti-aging and wellness services through the power of aesthetic injections and a one-of-a-kind dripBar, offering IV Nutritional Therapy. skinBe’s mission is to provide cutting edge customized solutions to help clients look and feel their best from the inside-out. There are many advantages to using these services to help prevent, restore and refresh allowing you to feel vibrant, energized and youthful; and ultimately becoming your best self. The staff at skinBe Med Spa bring years of experience, knowledge, passion and advanced techniques to get you results.  For additional information, contact skinBe Med Spa at 636.778.7200 or visit our website

skinBe launched its national franchise campaign to answer growing consumer demands for their services and experience offerings. For franchise development information, including available areas, visit or email