Filler vs. PRP Injections: Tear Troughs

September 12, 2021


Aging – the process of growing old. Whether we like to accept it or not, we all age. Some age better than others and some get a little help from fillers and Botox to elongate their youthfulness. We can’t stop the process of aging, but we can definitely slow it down by getting the correct treatments.

One of the most common areas on the face that people are insecure about or wish was different is their tear troughs, which can be a hollowness between the lower eyelid and upper cheek that can cast a shadow below the eyes, resulting in the tired look.

Luckily, we offer some amazing treatments like filler and PRP Injections, giving you the choice for different options for different results. The difference between the two are:

  •  Filler – this product is made of hyaluronic acid, used to enhance facial features and to replace the volume loss that accompanies the aging process. Fillers can plump and enhance shallow contours. The results are immediate but it does require regular maintenance every 4-18 months depending on the area to maintain results.
  • PRP Aesthetic Injections – The nurse will draw your blood, spin it in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma and then use the platelet rich plasma for the injections. PRP stimulates collagen production, activates stem cell activity, and is used to enrich and repair the skin and underlying tissues. This technique is different from filler because it is helping you naturally produce collagen which can volumize the area with the stem cells and growth factors which means it takes longer to achieve but will lead up to permanent results. This treatment only requires a few touch ups for maintenance once you get your desired look. 

Both are amazing options but did you know, for maximum results you can get both treatments. If you’re the right candidate after having a thorough assessment with one of our talented nurses, you can get the filler if you are wanting instant results and then follow up with PRP injections so your body can start to produce those stem cells on their own. Then you get the best of both worlds with instant and long term results, fixing the area now and preventing volume loss in the future.

Prevention is key to all the anti-aging secrets. Even if you don’t have deep creases and hollowness causing that tired look, getting PRP Injections in that area will allow your body to keep producing the natural collagen it needs to maintain the healthy volume under your eyes, making you look more youthful and refreshed. 

And of course, with the proper skin care you will be able to enhance both treatments to get maximum results. Always remember that skincare is just as important as treatments as skincare is 50% of your results.

Don’t let the aging process get you down, stop by skinBe Med Spa and talk with one of our talented nurses during your anti-aging and wellness assessment to see which treatment is best for you. They can also help you get started on your medical grade skincare journey, as we offer many different products to help fit your goals and maximize your results by creating a customized treatment plan just for you.