A Little Boost of Nutrients

September 12, 2021

Have you ever felt crummy or like you just need a little extra boost of something to get you feeling better? Well here at skinBe Med Spa we offer a variety of nutrients that you can receive IV and/or IM. IV is intravenous which means the boosters go into your bloodstream through the iv in your arm, so they are added into your cocktail drip and IM is intramuscular which means the booster is injected deep into your muscle, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. 

Both are amazing options when you are wanting a quick pick me up or to stay on top of your nutrients because they both have up to 100% absorption as they are both going directly into your bloodstream with no additional fillers or additives, compared to oral supplements which you are only absorbing 20-30% of that dose and they also contain a lot of fillers and additives so they are not the pure form anyway. 

The reason there are different types of ways the nutrients can be injected is because some of our nutrients are strictly IV and others are strictly IM but there are a couple that can be either or. 

The best way to get your boosters is through IV Therapy as you will also be getting plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on top of the additional nutrients that are already in that specific cocktail drip. And just like the boosters, we have a variety of cocktail drips so everyone can choose what best fits their needs that specific day. We suggest you add 4-6 boosters into every cocktail drip so you customize it to best fit your needs as everyone is different.

If you are not able to come in for a full cocktail drip, no worries, that is why we also offer IM boosters. The IM boosters take a total of 10 seconds to complete as the only thing needed to be done is the nurse injecting the nutrient into a muscle. So it’s the perfect option when you are tight on time, you can just pop in for a quick booster and be on your way. 

Did you know 42% of the United States population is Vitamin D deficient so they are directed by their doctor to be taking an oral supplement? But, since you are only absorbing a small percentage of that supplement, a better option is to come in for a weekly booster to make sure to keep your levels up. We call it our “sunshine in a syringe” as the most common way to receive it is through the sun’s rays. But if you are wearing the appropriate amount of sunscreen and coverage outside or even work inside daily, you are probably not getting enough Vitamin D which then leads to fatigue, a weak immune system, hair loss, and depression. This nutrient is IM only.

Another client favorite is our Glutathione, which is best for wellness and aesthetic maintenance since it’s an antioxidant. It boosts the immune system, suppresses inflammation, fights damaging free radicals, prevents and reverses cell damage and provides anti-aging benefits. It’s the perfect nutrient for anyone struggling with allergies or feeling a bit under the weather. This nutrient can be IV or IM so you can just stop by for a quick IM booster and be on your way.

Then, our newest addition that we just added to our nutrients is the NAD+. This is an exclusive nutrient with very limited availability and we are one of the only clinics in the midwest to carry it. NAD+ is a powerful coenzyme found in all living cells and naturally declines as we age due to time, environment, lifestyle and genetics. It helps with DNA cellular repair which is great for anti-aging and anyone struggling with addition for organ recovery and health, mitochondrial health, boosts brain health and function/cognitive function, improves symptoms of depression and anxiety, has immunity support, high energy production, and strong anti-aging properties. Which means anyone can benefit from this powerful game-changer nutrient. 

With the option of IV and IM boosters, there is no excuse not to stay on top of your health to make sure you stay healthy so you are able to live life to the fullest. And if you are in that 10% of people who are afraid of needles and that’s what is holding you back, don’t worry, our talented nurses here at skinBe Med Spa are highly trained and will take great care of you. After that first initial small poke, it’s all done with and you won’t feel anything else, making it easy for you to relax and enjoy your time dripping.