skinBe Partners with Proud Source Water

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skinBe Med Spa is excited to partner with Proud Source Water to serve pristine alkaline water to our clients during their time with us. Proud Source Water has a mission to do what is right, by making decisions based on what’s best for Mother Earth and delivering America’s highest quality spring water in the most sustainable packaging. “We feel the mission of Proud Source Water, their exceptional product, and what they stand for aligns directly with our mission and goal to deliver a WOW experience, cutting edge results and products, and offer only the best to our community to help our clients look and feel their best.” - Founder and CEO, Beth Donaldson.

I have the future in my hands, literally. 
I am proud. 
I think ahead & give back. 
I am the source. 
The ripple effect starts with me. 
I am water. I flow & sustain. 
I will leave the world better than I found it. 

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Beth Donaldson