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What does it mean to ‘live your best life’?  This phrase seems to be everywhere and we all want to be the best version of ourselves, but what does that actually mean?  The answer may vary in content from person to person but, at the end of the day, the concept is probably pretty close to the same for all of us.  To ‘live your best life’ means to feel happy and energized, have a sense of inner peace, and the ability to love yourself.  Self-acceptance may be one of the most difficult life lessons there is, but one that we all must learn.  However, contrary to what the word ‘acceptance’ may imply, it does not mean that we just settle for less than we are worth or that we stop trying to improve ourselves and the world around us.  Self-acceptance includes the realization that there are things about ourselves and our lives that could use improvement and, the amazing thing is, we have the power to make those changes.

As we all get caught up in life, we become complacent in a less than fulfilling existence, unhealthy lifestyle, and less than optimal health.  Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly became aware that another year has gone by, you are feeling a little older, and looking a little more tired?  Well, I have and I decided to do something about it!  While I have always been very health conscious, I knew surprisingly little about the process of aging.  So, I started reaching out to experts on the topic, and in the process, something great happened.  I fell in love with aesthetics, anti-aging treatments, and skin care!  I learned a few important lessons; #1 PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEEDS OF YOUR BODY AND MIND, #2 PREVENTION IS THE KEY TO SLOWING THE AGING PROCESS, and #3 MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY! 

Looking and feeling younger comes with a commitment to yourself, a commitment to prevention and maintenance but this commitment can be an enjoyable one.  When you begin to see the AMAZING results that come from self-care, it is a commitment you will want to keep forever.  skinBe Med Spa provides education to clients about anti-aging and wellness and empowers men and women to feel and look their best.  Our talented staff is passionate about helping clients become their best.  skinBe offers anti-aging and wellness solutions such as IV nutritional Therapy, aesthetic injections, and medical grade skin care.  There is no better time to start taking care of YOU!  skinBe Med Spa can provide the education and treatment solutions for health and beauty, energy, athletic performance and more. 

Beth Donaldson
The Year-Round Sunburn

If you’ve ever suffered from any skin conditions, you know what a struggle they can be. Not just a struggle, but at times an absolute nightmare and losing battle. Even though you can cover it up with makeup, hide it with filters and some photoshop, there’s still only so much you can do to distract the eye. And when you’re looking in your un-filtered mirror and the makeup is washed off, it’s still there waiting for you. I’m not just talking about occasional breakouts, or even cystic acne. I’m talking about Rosacea: a common, but overlooked skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Often misdiagnosed as acne, Rosacea comes in several forms: splotchy redness, small red bumps, visible, large blood vessels, or any combination of these. Flare ups resemble a bad sunburn, and in the summer skin can get inflamed from high temperatures and humidity, even with minimal sun exposure. Causes are still unknown, but most commonly associated with abnormalities in the blood vessels on the face. To make matters worse, there’s no known cure, although there are quite a variety of treatments to help lessen symptoms. 

As someone who’s been victim to skin issues for over half my life, I can tell you that I’ve tried everything, as have most people who suffer from skin conditions. This includes prescription medication pills to creams heavy in benzoyl peroxide that would literally bleach my clothes and bedsheets. There are also masks, skin lightening treatments, and you guessed it.. NONE of it worked! All the topical creams I was prescribed were super acidic and full of alcohol and harsh irritants. I got so fed up with the medical side of trying to fix my face that I finally just quit everything… every pill, every cream, and every facewash. 

Everything I had ever been told about my condition from medical “experts” was that I had chronic acne. It wasn’t until I was a mid-twenties adult that I was properly diagnosed with Rosacea, after a decade and a half of misdiagnosis that only worsened my condition. But even then, the medications for Rosacea just weren’t quite cutting it either. One particular cream I was prescribed had a side effect of causing redness that I happened to see printed on the box from the pharmacy….. A cream that can cause redness to treat already irritated and red skin. Were my dermatologists even listening to my concerns? Unsurprisingly, my skin made zero improvements. Once again, I quit the medications, treatments, and recommendations prescribed by licensed dermatologists and searched for my own answers. Fortunately, I finally found some. When I started working at skinBe, I was introduced to a whole new world of skincare. I added some Obagi products into my routine, which helped decrease redness literally instantly. The Obagi Gentle Cleanser and Toner were so light and nourishing. For the first time ever after cleansing, my skin was not red at all. Throughout the day, my skin tone was more even and the bumps on my cheeks and forehead were minimally visible, if at all. The Obagi Professional-C serum has also been a life saver. It keeps my skin clear, reduces redness, and moisturizes any dry areas. I started using sunscreen every day (the good kind!) to help prevent future redness. With Obagi’s Sunshield SPF Matte and tinted sunscreens, my face did not get red after being in the sun for a few hours. Nor did it feel oily while wearing it, and I wasn’t beet red after washing it off at night. Other sunscreens did not work!

In January 2018, I experienced my first SkinPen treatment at skinBe – a literal game changer. It completely changed my skin. After the minimal downtime, my skin evened out and felt smoother to the touch. The red, bumpy texture gradually faded, and my skin was clearer than it ever had before. Everyone who noticed was commenting on how great my skin looked, too. Makeup looked more natural and smooth on my skin; something I had never experienced before either! 

As summer rolls in and the humidity and temperatures rise, anyone struggling with rosacea typically experiences more oiliness, redness, and bumpiness on their skin. Now that I am using the proper skin care regimen with the prescription strength Obagi line, I can tell a difference from previous summers in the appearance of my skin. Anyone who is experiencing anything that I’ve been through, I can say to use your best judgement when it comes to prescription treatments. Obagi is prescription strength skincare, and doesn’t contain any cheap fillers, or harsh ingredients. I’m confident that there IS something out there to help anyone, and customizing a skinBe Obagi skincare routine is in your favor – your skin will thank you!



Beth Donaldson
Don't fret, stop the sweat!

What's worse than your hands, feet and underarms dripping with sweat all day? Not much. For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the embarrassment can drain your confidence, ignite fear and disrupt your focus causing you to live less than your best life.

Hyperhidrosis is a fancy words for excessive sweating; a common disorder affecting millions of Americans, both women and men, that nobody likes to discuss. This condition is more than physically uncomfortable; hyperhidrosis can cause embarrassment and discomfort especially in social or professional situations. If excessive sweating is commanding your focus, curbing your professional potential or dictating your social life, you don't have to fall victim of it. skinBe has a solution for you and it's called B O T O X! By injecting Botox into the areas of concern it blocks sweat secretions in the treated glands and can eliminate sweat. The results can last up to 6 months. This treatment is life-changing and known to improve the quality of lives and catapult your potential. It's time to BE free and live your best life!

Don't sweat the small stuff!

Beth Donaldson
Stop Running from Hydration!

We all know that the human body is made up of 60% water.  That’s A LOT!  Think about that for a second...all of the complicated machinery and processes that make up the human body, water accounts for 60% of that.  This seemingly simple substance is essential to almost all body functions and processes.  Water metabolizes and transports proteins and carbohydrates in our bloodstream, regulates our body temperature through sweating and respiration, and aids in detoxification by flushing waste and toxins from our body.  Water is the basic building block of every living thing and the scary fact is that most people are chronically dehydrated; that is before heat, physical activity, and recovery requirements.  



The effects of dehydration on athletic performance and recovery were evident at the 2016 Los Angeles Olympic Marathon Trials, when more than one top level athletes fell victim and required medical attention including IV re-hydration therapy.  While oral hydration is important, during times of physical stress or exercise, this may be insufficient.  For example, when running long distances, your body has a brilliant way of sending extra blood flow to muscles and vital organs, this is called the “fight or flight response” (we used to have to run from bears and other scary things).  One non-vital organ is the gut, as many of us have experienced digestive issues during a race.  This GI upset is a direct result of the reduced blood flow to that body system.  Moral of the story, if you can’t digest it, you can’t use it.


skinBe IV Nutritional Therapy is a hydration sensation!  Runners, weight lifters, and athletes of any level will benefit from our one-of-a-kind dripBar.  The skinBe Dominate Cocktail Drip will increase endurance, performance and recovery.  


It’s time to dominate and BE YOU!

Beth Donaldson
PRP at skinBe

At skinBe we consider one of the top functions of aesthetic medicine to be the harnessing of the body's own healing and restorative processes to rejuvenate the skin and body; and that is exactly what PRP does.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an extract of your own blood that contains platelets, growth factors and active proteins. When PRP is used cosmetically by putting it back into the skin via microneedling or injecting, it initiates a localized stem cell response. Over the weeks and months following this skinBe treatment, the stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells to replace tissue that has been damaged or lost through the aging process with healthy skin. We call this skinBe treatment the ultimate refreshed and rejuvenated look!

Just Relax Already

One of the most common concerns that clients express is facial wrinkling and lines related to aging and repetitive facial expression.  Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are a few of the most recognized names for the neurotoxin products that are used to temporarily improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  I will get to the science of these products shortly, but first, I would like to share my own personal treatment experience.  I will admit, the first time I got Botox, I did not really even understand how or why it worked to get rid of wrinkles.  What I did know is that in the few preceding years, I was beginning to notice some changes in my appearance, my skin looked more tired, I was seeing lines and wrinkles that were not there before and it seemed to happen suddenly AND all at once.  This was not acceptable, so I decided to explore some options and what I found was life changing, LITERALLY!  While I was nervous about looking like some sort of bad plastic surgery victim, about seven days after my treatment, I was in love with the results.  People started commenting that I looked well rested or asked if I changed my hair.  They couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different, but clearly something was and it made all the difference in how I felt about myself.

Back to the science (simplified).  Neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are proteins that are injected into targeted muscles and they act by inhibiting a chemical that contracts the muscle.  What that means is that the muscles that are treated with these products are temporarily “frozen”.  This has two advantages; #1: fine lines and wrinkles that are present at rest can be improved, softened or even eliminated and #2: use of these products prevents the formation and worsening of fine lines and wrinkles.  I am going to repeat that last part.  Treatment with neurotoxin is preventative.  The best time to begin treatment is before you have created the fine lines and wrinkles.  Another fun fact about the use of neurotoxins is that they can also be used to improve “gummy smiles”, change the shape of some facial features and to treat excessive sweating.  Of course, anyone considering treatment with these products for any reason, you need to feel confident that the injector is well-trained and knowledgeable.  

skinBe Master Injectors receive continuous education and training in the latest and greatest treatments in all things aesthetic including neurotoxins.  Every client, face and treatment is unique and must be treated as such.  There is no on size fits all solution to aesthetic treatments and our injectors are experts in customized assessment and treatment plans.  Whether you are new to neurotoxin treatment or you were hooked a long time ago (like me), skinBe Med Spa can help you to look and feel your best.

Just relax and... BE you!

Beth Donaldson
Feelin' Deelicious!

Did you know when taking oral supplements the average person only absorbs 20-30% of the nutrients? But we have good news too... 

IV Nutritional Therapy is absorbed at nearly 100% and is loaded with benefits for everyone; and we have it at skinBe!

IV Nutritional Therapy is a mix of nutrients given to the client through the bloodstream so they can absorb at the maximum capacity and experience optimal wellness. It can help reduce stress, increase energy, create mental clarity, boost immunity, help allergies, decrease chronic pain, enhance overall wellness and so much more. Haven't dripped before? No worries, many of our clients are newBes and once they feel the benefits of dripping they keep coming back for more.

We offer cocktail drips for every walk of life! Let's talk about one of our top sellers and a great one for beginners - the Deelicious skinBe cocktail drip. It is every bit of it's name. Deelicious gives an abundance of overall health, energy and hydration; offering a lot of bit of everything. It's the perfect pick for first-timers, over-worked athletes, exhausted stay at home moms, college students looking for mental clarity and hydration, business professionals needing an extra boost and anyone wanting to look and feel better.

Visit our dripBar this Spring! Your life will forever BE changed.

Be Deelicious!

Beth Donaldson
Filler’ Up

Between gravity and the natural progression of aging, we can find ourselves running on empty, in our face that is.  As we age, we lose fat padding beneath the skin as well as bone density.  This can cause our face to look deflated or as though it is falling down.  When this happens, the weight of that skin pulls everything else down too.  Eyes look more sunken with dark circles, folds, wrinkles and lines are more pronounced and the dreaded jowls begin to appear.  There are many treatments that can be used in combination to restore a more youthful facial appearance such as neurotoxins, microneedling and Obagi skin care products.  However, there is one sure fire way to restore the structural losses that result from aging...FILLER’ UP.  Using dermal filler is a great way to rebuild the base structure of the face for a younger and more vibrant appearance.  

So, what is dermal filler?  There are many types of dermal filler products.  At skinBe, we use hyaluronic acid dermal filler products.  Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found in every cell in the body.  This substance LOVES water!  Which means that it pulls water to the placement site of filler injections to rebuild structure and fullness.  Side note: results of aesthetic injections are improved when your body is hydrated, so...take advantage of the skinBe dripBar while receiving injection treatments.  The results of dermal filler injections are immediate and can last from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the filler product, product placement and individual product metabolism.

Dermal filler can be used to improve sunken and darkened under eyes, improve facial wrinkles and folds and even to reshape the nose or jaw line.  There are so many uses for dermal filler for rejuvenation, volume replacement and correction and without the added expense, risk or downtime that is associated with surgical cosmetic procedures.  Many people are nervous about filler injections and we have all seen pictures of poorly or overdone filler injection treatments.  However, the goal of dermal filler injections is to make you appear refreshed, NOT “done”. When performed properly, filler injections enhance your natural beauty (and you are BEautiful).  The Master Injectors at skinBe are skilled in cutting edge injection techniques and are passionate about helping you to BE the best you. 

Beth Donaldson
Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Want a bright, hydrated, even complexion for Spring? Obagi’s Professional C Serum is the perfect antioxidant pick-me-up that all skin types need. This stuff is liquid GOLD in a bottle. When used daily, Vitamin C creates moisturized and brighter skin and helps protect it from environmental stressors. Dull, flaky skin gets a dose of much needed hydration. Everyone knows hydrated skin = vibrant skin.

So how does it work to brighten skin tone? Vitamin C supports cellular regeneration, allowing cell turnover to create newer, fresher looking skin in addition to a more even skin tone. It also calms inflammation and treats hyperpigmentation, two conditions that can cause discoloration. This medical grade formulation prevents visible signs of aging while promoting a youthful glow - a necessity for all anti-aging regimens!

Get glowing for Spring!

‘Drip’ Your Way Out of the Autoimmune Cycle

So, what do we know about autoimmune disease?  Unfortunately, not much.  Traditional medicine has missed the mark when determining the causes of these disorders and also when determining the best course of treatment.  Autoimmune processes such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, digestive problems and thyroid dysfunction can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life, and in some instances, can be debilitating.  This is what we do know: the symptoms of autoimmune diseases are a result of inflammation, this inflammation may affect a targeted area (Crohn’s disease) or can be more widespread (fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis). 

There have been many new prescription medications marketed for the treatment of autoimmune diseases including immunosuppressant, pain medication and antidepressant medication.  However, these treatments are not without their own risks and side effects.  Patients often end up taking one pill to solve a problem that is caused by another pill; and that, my friends, is no way to live!

Then what is the answer? I think we have to start looking at this from another perspective.  Modern medicine has made great advancements in the treatment of many serious illnesses and diseases, but prescription solutions are not the only kids on the block anymore. What if you had an alternative that was both safe and effective while staying consistent with the biological needs of your body?  IV nutritional therapy is that solution. 


Our bodies are simply machines and they must be given the fuel they need to operate properly.  The truth of the matter is that we are too busy, we do not eat and drink properly, we do not exercise properly, and we are bombarded with daily environmental exposures that are known to be harmful. All of these factors can give the symptoms of autoimmune disease power over our health and our lives and it is time to take that power back. 

Essential nutrients such as B-vitamins, glutathione and selenium have been studied and found to play a significant role in the reduction of inflammatory process and aid the body in functioning like the machine it is (and these are only a few of the nutrients available at skinBe).  Consistent IV hydration and replacement therapy can restore energy, improve daily function and prevent illness and that is a winner in my book!

It’s time to take back your power and BE YOU!

What’s the Skin-ny on Microneedling?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…wait…what happened to the face I used to have?! 

It happens to all of us as we age; wrinkles, dark spots, scarring everything our mothers warned us about. Even the most low-maintenance skin types eventually fall prey to the signs of aging.  As we get older, we lose skin elasticity, fat padding, and bone density beneath the skin which allows gravity to take its evil hold over our once young and vibrant appearance.  While there is no magic wand, there is a pen, SkinPen that is. 

The SkinPen is a device used to comfortably create micro-injuries to the skin that help restore the skin structure.  Using the SkinPen, microneedling stimulates a return of collagen and elastin to the treated area which results in skin remodeling.  Want to know the beauty part (pun intended), microneedling treatments can be performed anywhere on the body to remodel the skin, including wrinkles and acne scaring, skin discoloration, even stretchmarks.  The treatment can be paired with an exfoliation treatment for optimal results and there is little to no downtime following treatment.  Microneedling is safe for all skin types, whether you are Snow White, Prince Charming or that other lady with the poison apple, this is a treatment that can bring your skin back to life.

Rewind time…BE YOU!!!

Beth Donaldson
Out With The Old, In With The ‘YOU’!

It’s officially Springtime! The sun is back out, the days are longer, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Time to put away the heavy winter coats and boots, pack away the snow shovels, and break out the lawn chairs and spring clothes. Now is also the best time to get rid of the dry, dead skin cells that accumulated on your face from the winter months. Who doesn’t want to start out the season looking refreshed and bright? So how do you get a soft glow for spring? Dermaplane!

Dermaplaning is a safe, painless exfoliation treatment by use of a small medical blade. The outer layer of dead, dull skin is scraped off to reveal a new layer of brighter, smoother, and softer skin; say goodbye to vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz). No more trapped dirt and oil in those fine baby hairs that can clog pores and lead to breakouts! Skincare products can more deeply penetrate the surface of your now soft and beautiful skin. Makeup goes on smooth and evenly like butter. This treatment is perfect for all skin types, young and old alike! No downtime after treatment; just a glowing, brighter you! (And don’t forget the sunscreen!) So ditch your winter wardrobe and get your Spring complexion on!

Beth Donaldson
Have No Shame in your Beauty Game

Too often receiving cosmetic procedures comes with the pressure of keeping your lips sealed.  But now, the girl (and guy) next door is doing non-invasive cosmetic procedures to fight aging and feel great.  At skinBe, we believe in the power of feeling and looking your best. We believe in the power to Be you with no shame. We encourage YOU to do what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Our staff is passionate, knowledgeable and experienced bringing leading edge techniques and treatments to the table to get you the best results. It’s really simple, if you feel and look great you can live your best life.


  Beth Donaldson

Beth Donaldson