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Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Want a bright, hydrated, even complexion for Spring? Obagi’s Professional C Serum is the perfect antioxidant pick-me-up that all skin types need. This stuff is liquid GOLD in a bottle. When used daily, Vitamin C creates moisturized and brighter skin and helps protect it from environmental stressors. Dull, flaky skin gets a dose of much needed hydration. Everyone knows hydrated skin = vibrant skin.

So how does it work to brighten skin tone? Vitamin C supports cellular regeneration, allowing cell turnover to create newer, fresher looking skin in addition to a more even skin tone. It also calms inflammation and treats hyperpigmentation, two conditions that can cause discoloration. This medical grade formulation prevents visible signs of aging while promoting a youthful glow - a necessity for all anti-aging regimens!

Get glowing for Spring!