Fall in Love with the skinBe dripBar

Why is Fall air so dry and why do we get sick more often? It’s simple, dry air sucks out moisture leaving our skin dry and cracked as a salt flat. Dry air makes it possible for small particles to float in the air, whereas in more humid conditions, they bind to the water droplets and fall to surfaces.  Dry air is recognized as one of the risk indicators of sick building syndrome as we are breathing in those particles. Nearly 97% of Americans are dehydrated making us more susceptible to illness.

Here at skinBe weekly IV nutrition can help our clients throughout the colder and drier months keeping you hydrated, healthy, and feeling and looking amazing!  Our dripBar offers a wonderful menu of proprietary IV cocktail drips loaded with nutrients. Check out our base cocktail drips here

The more you know…

Be selective when choosing your provider for IV Nutritional Therapy. There are many options, many less expensive but you get what you pay for. At skinBe we only add the best nutrients and vitamins that are natural and do not have fillers; so we are able to infuse our clients with only the best. Come check out our state-of-the-art dripBar and be prepared to get hooked up! 

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Beth Donaldson