The Anti-Aging Power of Sunscreen During Every Season of Life

By now, you probably already knew that sunscreen has the power to help prevent potentially cancerous skin damage. It also has a powerful source to help turn back the hands of time.

Did you know that up to 80% of early signs of aging can be due to sun exposure — not necessarily direct sun exposure but even while driving or sitting at a desk by a window for long periods of time. For the first time, scientists have proven that daily sunscreen use significantly slows skin aging—even among middle-aged men and women.

In a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Australian researchers calculated the photo-aging — the negative effects on the skin from long-term sun exposure — of more than 903 people age 55 and younger. Groups were formed with a group told to use sunscreen daily and another group told to use it as they wish.  At the beginning of the study, skin samples were taken from some of the participants in each group.  Four years later, skin samples were taken and compared to the original samples.  Study participants who wore sunscreen daily showed 24% less skin aging after four years than those who were less consistent about applying it.

Haven't been a religious sunscreen applier before now? There's some great news for you too. The same journal article suggests that daily sunscreen use may have the power to reverse existing damage. At the start of the study, 58 percent of the subjects showed signs of moderate photo-aging, but that number dropped to 49 percent by the end of the study.

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OBAGI Sun Shield is the ideal choice for all skin types and is recommended daily — Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Beth Donaldson