LOVE the Skin You're In


When looking for a great skin care product, there are so many choices and so much information that it can be quite overwhelming.  As a result, often we just end up purchasing this product and that product until our skin care routine is made up of a hodge-podge of random, mismatched products.  And to add insult to that pocket book injury, many of these products just sit, half used and collect dust until we finally throw them away after discovering that they expired three years prior.  I am sure this scenario sounds familiar because this is the case with most of the individuals that visit skinBe Med Spa. The bottom line is that to have great skin, you must start with the basics.  That means protection from the elements, proper skin hydration, and appropriate skin care products. At skinBe, we have found that the Obagi skin care line meets all of these needs.

Obagi is a medical grade, prescription strength skin care product line.  While there are many skin care products that meet those two criteria, skinBe Med Spa chose Obagi because it is a trusted and transformative product line.  Obagi has been around for thirty years, which speaks to the consistent results and quality of the products. In a world that is always trying to move to the next big thing, Obagi has not only survived, but thrived and that is impressive.  There is something for almost any skin care concern in the Obagi line; aging skin, acne, or pigmentation issues just to name a few and the products are designed to work together to create a solid structure of skin care to produce the best results.

I could go on and on about how much I personally love these products, but I will just tell you about three of my favorites.  First, I will tell you that I am in love with the Vitamin C Serum! Like, really in love! Within only a few days of using this product, the skin is transformed and glowing.  Did I mention that I love the Vitamin C? Next, the Tretinoin (you may know this product as retinol). When you purchase a product that contains retinol, there is a conversion process that has to happen before the skin can use the product.  Obagi has done that conversion for us and gives us the most bioavailable form from the get go. Tretinoin is the most important anti-aging product for the skin because it whips those aging, misbehaving cells into shape to resurface and repair the skin…amazing.  Last but not least is a no-brainer; sunscreen. The Obagi Sunshield SPF 50 is, without a doubt, the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I have tried them all. It contains titanium and zinc in high concentrations to ensure a strong barrier between damaging UV rays and your beautiful skin.

If you are looking for a skin care routine that is established, trusted, and will get you the results that you have been searching for, Obagi is the answer.  The master nurse injectors at skinBe can help you start on the road to skin recovery and design an individualized skin care routine that will restore the youthful glow.

Beth Donaldson