The Bright Side of Melasma


So like me, you have melasma? Lucky you!

Melasma is loyal. It will be your BFF for life. When I say BFF I'm talking about those irregular, brownish-gray, blotchy spots that decided to plant themselves on your face and never wants to leave. The best friend you never wanted. It comes from nowhere. It's commonly known as the pregnancy mask and can be caused by birth control, sun, genetics and a variety of other factors. Basically, it's a pain in the ass that we could all live without.

Turn that frown upside down and look at the brighter side...

At skinBe we have treatment options that work well for victims of melasma; and other skin conditions too. It all begins from the inside out and daily maintenance; IV nutritional therapy and medical grade skincare. IV nutritional therapy allows 100% absorption to build up nutrient deficiencies from within and achieve optimal wellness, including beautiful skin. Many of our nutrients offer anti-aging and beauty benefits to promote that dewy glow, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, fade brown spots (even melasma) and hydrate to achieve flawless skin. We also offer prescription strength Obagi medical grade skincare that is known for it's transformative properties. Daily use of the right products can change your life (and skin)!

Some of the products that have helped tremendously with my melasma issue include:
Obagi Vitamin C Serum - the perfect skincare product to lighten, tighten and brighten
Obagi Tretinoin - a great exfoliant for cell turnover to achieve long term anti-aging and overall skin goals
Obagi Hydrate - loaded with natural ingredients to moisturize and enhance the glow
Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50 - a skincare must, every day

If you are serious about fading or eliminating melasma and uneven skin tone, you must be committed to the process. It takes time, but the results are worth it.  Results can take several months, and you must take daily and monthly maintenance steps for optimal results. 

As your life changes so will your circle. Say good-bye to that BFF you never wanted!

Beth Donaldson