Wellness – Mind, Body, and Soul


What does it mean to ‘live your best life’?  This phrase seems to be everywhere and we all want to be the best version of ourselves, but what does that actually mean?  The answer may vary in content from person to person but, at the end of the day, the concept is probably pretty close to the same for all of us.  To ‘live your best life’ means to feel happy and energized, have a sense of inner peace, and the ability to love yourself.  Self-acceptance may be one of the most difficult life lessons there is, but one that we all must learn.  However, contrary to what the word ‘acceptance’ may imply, it does not mean that we just settle for less than we are worth or that we stop trying to improve ourselves and the world around us.  Self-acceptance includes the realization that there are things about ourselves and our lives that could use improvement and, the amazing thing is, we have the power to make those changes.

As we all get caught up in life, we become complacent in a less than fulfilling existence, unhealthy lifestyle, and less than optimal health.  Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly became aware that another year has gone by, you are feeling a little older, and looking a little more tired?  Well, I have and I decided to do something about it!  While I have always been very health conscious, I knew surprisingly little about the process of aging.  So, I started reaching out to experts on the topic, and in the process, something great happened.  I fell in love with aesthetics, anti-aging treatments, and skin care!  I learned a few important lessons; #1 PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEEDS OF YOUR BODY AND MIND, #2 PREVENTION IS THE KEY TO SLOWING THE AGING PROCESS, and #3 MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY! 

Looking and feeling younger comes with a commitment to yourself, a commitment to prevention and maintenance but this commitment can be an enjoyable one.  When you begin to see the AMAZING results that come from self-care, it is a commitment you will want to keep forever.  skinBe Med Spa provides education to clients about anti-aging and wellness and empowers men and women to feel and look their best.  Our talented staff is passionate about helping clients become their best.  skinBe offers anti-aging and wellness solutions such as IV nutritional Therapy, aesthetic injections, and medical grade skin care.  There is no better time to start taking care of YOU!  skinBe Med Spa can provide the education and treatment solutions for health and beauty, energy, athletic performance and more. 

Beth Donaldson