The Year-Round Sunburn


If you’ve ever suffered from any skin conditions, you know what a struggle they can be. Not just a struggle, but at times an absolute nightmare and losing battle. Even though you can cover it up with makeup, hide it with filters and some photoshop, there’s still only so much you can do to distract the eye. And when you’re looking in your un-filtered mirror and the makeup is washed off, it’s still there waiting for you. I’m not just talking about occasional breakouts, or even cystic acne. I’m talking about Rosacea: a common, but overlooked skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Often misdiagnosed as acne, Rosacea comes in several forms: splotchy redness, small red bumps, visible, large blood vessels, or any combination of these. Flare ups resemble a bad sunburn, and in the summer skin can get inflamed from high temperatures and humidity, even with minimal sun exposure. Causes are still unknown, but most commonly associated with abnormalities in the blood vessels on the face. To make matters worse, there’s no known cure, although there are quite a variety of treatments to help lessen symptoms. 

As someone who’s been victim to skin issues for over half my life, I can tell you that I’ve tried everything, as have most people who suffer from skin conditions. This includes prescription medication pills to creams heavy in benzoyl peroxide that would literally bleach my clothes and bedsheets. There are also masks, skin lightening treatments, and you guessed it.. NONE of it worked! All the topical creams I was prescribed were super acidic and full of alcohol and harsh irritants. I got so fed up with the medical side of trying to fix my face that I finally just quit everything… every pill, every cream, and every facewash. 

Everything I had ever been told about my condition from medical “experts” was that I had chronic acne. It wasn’t until I was a mid-twenties adult that I was properly diagnosed with Rosacea, after a decade and a half of misdiagnosis that only worsened my condition. But even then, the medications for Rosacea just weren’t quite cutting it either. One particular cream I was prescribed had a side effect of causing redness that I happened to see printed on the box from the pharmacy….. A cream that can cause redness to treat already irritated and red skin. Were my dermatologists even listening to my concerns? Unsurprisingly, my skin made zero improvements. Once again, I quit the medications, treatments, and recommendations prescribed by licensed dermatologists and searched for my own answers. Fortunately, I finally found some. When I started working at skinBe, I was introduced to a whole new world of skincare. I added some Obagi products into my routine, which helped decrease redness literally instantly. The Obagi Gentle Cleanser and Toner were so light and nourishing. For the first time ever after cleansing, my skin was not red at all. Throughout the day, my skin tone was more even and the bumps on my cheeks and forehead were minimally visible, if at all. The Obagi Professional-C serum has also been a life saver. It keeps my skin clear, reduces redness, and moisturizes any dry areas. I started using sunscreen every day (the good kind!) to help prevent future redness. With Obagi’s Sunshield SPF Matte and tinted sunscreens, my face did not get red after being in the sun for a few hours. Nor did it feel oily while wearing it, and I wasn’t beet red after washing it off at night. Other sunscreens did not work!

In January 2018, I experienced my first SkinPen treatment at skinBe – a literal game changer. It completely changed my skin. After the minimal downtime, my skin evened out and felt smoother to the touch. The red, bumpy texture gradually faded, and my skin was clearer than it ever had before. Everyone who noticed was commenting on how great my skin looked, too. Makeup looked more natural and smooth on my skin; something I had never experienced before either! 

As summer rolls in and the humidity and temperatures rise, anyone struggling with rosacea typically experiences more oiliness, redness, and bumpiness on their skin. Now that I am using the proper skin care regimen with the prescription strength Obagi line, I can tell a difference from previous summers in the appearance of my skin. Anyone who is experiencing anything that I’ve been through, I can say to use your best judgement when it comes to prescription treatments. Obagi is prescription strength skincare, and doesn’t contain any cheap fillers, or harsh ingredients. I’m confident that there IS something out there to help anyone, and customizing a skinBe Obagi skincare routine is in your favor – your skin will thank you!



Beth Donaldson