Out With The Old, In With The ‘YOU’!


It’s officially Springtime! The sun is back out, the days are longer, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Time to put away the heavy winter coats and boots, pack away the snow shovels, and break out the lawn chairs and spring clothes. Now is also the best time to get rid of the dry, dead skin cells that accumulated on your face from the winter months. Who doesn’t want to start out the season looking refreshed and bright? So how do you get a soft glow for spring? Dermaplane!

Dermaplaning is a safe, painless exfoliation treatment by use of a small medical blade. The outer layer of dead, dull skin is scraped off to reveal a new layer of brighter, smoother, and softer skin; say goodbye to vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz). No more trapped dirt and oil in those fine baby hairs that can clog pores and lead to breakouts! Skincare products can more deeply penetrate the surface of your now soft and beautiful skin. Makeup goes on smooth and evenly like butter. This treatment is perfect for all skin types, young and old alike! No downtime after treatment; just a glowing, brighter you! (And don’t forget the sunscreen!) So ditch your winter wardrobe and get your Spring complexion on!

Beth Donaldson