What’s the Skin-ny on Microneedling?


Mirror, mirror on the wall…wait…what happened to the face I used to have?! 

It happens to all of us as we age; wrinkles, dark spots, scarring everything our mothers warned us about. Even the most low-maintenance skin types eventually fall prey to the signs of aging.  As we get older, we lose skin elasticity, fat padding, and bone density beneath the skin which allows gravity to take its evil hold over our once young and vibrant appearance.  While there is no magic wand, there is a pen, SkinPen that is. 

The SkinPen is a device used to comfortably create micro-injuries to the skin that help restore the skin structure.  Using the SkinPen, microneedling stimulates a return of collagen and elastin to the treated area which results in skin remodeling.  Want to know the beauty part (pun intended), microneedling treatments can be performed anywhere on the body to remodel the skin, including wrinkles and acne scaring, skin discoloration, even stretchmarks.  The treatment can be paired with an exfoliation treatment for optimal results and there is little to no downtime following treatment.  Microneedling is safe for all skin types, whether you are Snow White, Prince Charming or that other lady with the poison apple, this is a treatment that can bring your skin back to life.

Rewind time…BE YOU!!!

Beth Donaldson