Be Well


Winter and the hustle bustle of the holiday season is approaching, and with it comes cozy nights by the fire, comfort food, and time with family and friends. For many, all the good stuff comes with cold and flu season too.

Often times, nutrient deficiencies can take place without awareness because of the world we live, and can make us more vulnerable to illness. We are constantly fighting environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors that play a key role in our overall wellness. To top it off, when we attempt to behave and eat well or take oral supplements, our bodies only absorb a small percentage of the nutrients because most of it gets lost in transition. With IV nutritional therapy and vitamin boosters, your body can absorb up to 100% of the nutrients so that your body can achieve optimal wellness and fight illness.  At skinBe we offer a wide range of dripBar services that can help keep your immune system working well so you can avoid the Winter blues and be sure to feel (and look) your best while achieving Winter wellness!

Be well!

Beth Donaldson