The Art of youth – The science behind skincare injectables in achieving a youthful look

May 14, 2023

If you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest beauty trends, you’re not the only one. With the constant fluidity of the beauty industry it can be hard to know what the newest trends and technologies are. Well, im here to inform you, the latest trend in the art of youth is called facial balancing and it has been growing in popularity at an increasing pace. 

Facial contouring or facial balancing, is a type of cosmetic procedure that can transform your appearance in a matter of minutes and has zero downtime. Botox and filler are used to help restore volume in the cheeks, areas around the eyes, lips and chin in a customizable way, depending on what the client’s desires

When you sit in our clinic chair, our procedure consists of balancing your facial features, be it with tox, fillers, or both. For example, by just using botox, we can alter your facial muscles and therefore can even out or soften certain wrinkles and facial features. And like I mentioned, these procedures, are all customized and designed for each individual client

Facial fillers are also a huge part of facial balancing and with fillers, you will see immediate results before you leave the clinic. While a neuromodulator, like Botox, takes up to 2 weeks or the full results to show, filler is the exact opposite but together they are a dynamite combination! With fillers we can create a more defined jawline, a more pronounced chin or cheekbones, and even a fuller, more luscious lip. With the power of injectables, you can enhance your facial features in such a way, that you will not only look more youthful, but you can slow down the signs of aging all together. 

There are so many options when it comes to different fillers and toxins on the market, which is why as an injector I fully educate, not only myself but my clientele too, in all the options there are. The best injectors want you completely happy with your results and we fully understand that this is not only a hefty investment you are making, but a trusting relationship we are building with you

As injectors, we know these are not cookie- cutterprocedures and that’s why we work with our clients to make full treatment plans to help you meet you specific goals. Especially with the art of beauty, it’s definitely not a onesizefitsall process, but the right injector can help “sculpt” the youthfulness right back into your facial features. With an expert, you will not leave looking and unrecognizable and you will just feel like a more confident and beautiful version of yourself.