Emsculpt NEO: The GOAT of all Body Contouring devices!

February 19, 2023

When you start peeling off the layers and can no longer hide under your big coat and bulky sweaters, the joy of the summer season can lose a bit of its shine. Body issues plague countless men and women who feel self-conscious about their size and shape! If you’ve resolved to eat a healthier diet and get more exercise this year, you’ve taken an important step in improving your overall health and appearance. Still, there are a few issues that can’t be solved by these efforts alone, no matter how diligent you are. But with a little help, you can get a whole lot closer to your ideal body!

And that’s where we come in with Emsculpt NEO!

First, a word about body type:

All humans are born with a certain body composition, and while there are many variations within each category, the three main types are:

  • Endomorph: Larger frame, tends to store body fat easily, often pear-shaped
  • Ectomorph: Long frame, lean, has trouble building muscle
  • Mesomorph: High metabolism, muscular, solid build

Most bodies fall into one of these categories primarily, but also exhibit some traits from other types as well, which is why there are so many variations. No matter how much you diet and exercise, you can’t change your basic body type; even plastic surgery can’t alter your  genetic figure.But we can certainly help you perfect the body you were born with. At skinBe, we use the BTL device Emsculpt NEO to achieve a more sculpted body.

How does the Emsculpt NEO improve my body? 

Emsculpt NEO uses a pad that is applied over the area or areas you want to be treated. The device emits painless radiofrequency waves and HIFEM frequencies that penetrate your skin and contract your muscles. You may feel a warm sensation during the treatment, which mimics what’s happening under the surface. The radiofrequency waves gently heat up your inner tissues, penetrating and melting the fat, even the dangerous visceral fat surrounding your organs! These fat cells eventually get flushed out of your body for good. You will also feel the device contracting your muscles. During treatment, the device will contract your muscles more than a human can physically do by themself. For instance, if you were to use the Emsculpt NEO on your abs, it will contract a total of 20,000 times- the equivalent of 20,000 crunches!

How effective is Emsculpt NEO?

The main goals of the Emsculpt NEO are to melt fat, while simultaneously building muscles This is the ONLY device that does BOTH. We typically start with a weekly treatment for 8 weeks. After that, you will typically graduate to monthly maintenance. Some patients say they notice a difference sooner, but full results  when the fat cells exit your system, 90 days after your 8th treatment. The lumps and sags you were hiding all winter vanish, so you can feel comfortable in whatever you want to wear on the beach.

To make sure you’re ready in time, call our clinic, and let us help you get set for summer 2023!