Celebrating the Wins of 2022, Self-Care Tips for the New Year with Fitness Professional Taylar Heaton

December 15, 2022

In honor of our 5 year anniversary this month, we connected with Taylar Heaton, General Manager + Group Fitness Instructor  at CycleBar Chesterfield, instructor at PLNK fitness +  skinBe skinBassador . Like us, Tay, recognizes the importance of skincare, wellness and self care. 

skinBe: What was your motivation for collaborating with us as a skinBassador + what’s your favorite thing about being one?

Taylar: I met the team at skinBe at their block party this past summer,we did some tabling for cyclebar there and  the skinBe team was very warm and welcoming ,got into the clinic it was very nice and clean and that is what got me interested and thenlooking at their website and seeing that they are all about empowerment and inspiring people to be themselves and that is also what I preach in my classes that I teach, empowerment I want my people to walk out of the door feeling amazing and every time I have gone into skinBe I walk out of the door feeling absolutely amazing!…

skinBe: What are some skincare and wellness insecurities/challenges that you’ve faced in your lifetime?

Taylar: I have always struggled with acne, something that I’m now working on with the help of the skincare experts at skinBe, they have curated a new skincare routine specifically suited for me, something I’ve never had before.

skinBe: What are your top skincare and wellness routine tips ?

Taylar: Being very intentional about skincare and wellness. I set time to do my skincare routine and I’m very intentional and consistent with that +remembering “my why” I guess, I want to have clear skin. I consider this as giving something I give back to myself so I don’t let the daily hustles and bustles get in my way.

skinBe: What is your favorite skinBe product/treatment and why?

Taylar: Definitely the glowBe pads you can literally feel them cleaning your face, they are amazing…those are my absolute favorite. My favorite treatment is my monthly derm/peel treatments. I love them. Every time I walk out the door my skin is glowing. It’s the best!!!

skinBe: Self-care wise or not, what win are you celebrating as this year comes to an end?

Taylar: Change! This year has been a year of lots and lots of change for me, mostly self-inflicted and I have grown a lot. I have been doing things way outside of my comfort zone that have allowed me to grow, I have made some very drastic changes but it has all worked out, that’s my win!

skinBe: What are you looking forward to most at the skinBe 5 year anniversary event?

Taylar: Getting together, getting to meet everyone  I’m sure they’ll be people I haven’t met yet. I always love meeting people. So I’m very excited to be present and getting to meet everyone.

skinBe: Since you also work in the fitness & wellness industry, do you have any tips for people to stay healthy during the holiday season?

Taylar: This one shouldn’t seem like a hard one, but it is. I think the most important thing to remember during the holidays is that one “unhealthy” meal, having dessert, or drinking a little more than usual won’t derail the progress that you’ve made. We tend to get into this “all or nothing” mentality meaning “I’m not going to go against my diet” or “I’m going to take the next two weeks to do whatever I want and restart in the new year”. It’s all about mindset

skinBe: With New Years fast approaching, I’m sure you get a lot of new people in the gym. What would you tell people who are just now starting their fitness routine?

Taylar: I would tell people that are just starting their fitness journey, don’t give up. I know that we want to see results immediately but sometimes that’s just not realistic. A while ago someone told me that it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so keep going. Even when it seems hard and you don’t want to do it…KEEP GOING! For me, exercising is my escape. When I need to reset or I’m in an off mood going and moving my body is what instantly puts me in a better mood.

You can learn more about Taylor + her work on Instagram @ tay_heaton ,facebook@ Taylar Heaton,  cyclebar chesterfield @ cb_chesterfield  ,or find her on tiktok @tay_heaton where she shares some fun posts of her cycling.