How to Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup

December 5, 2022

Importance of a Regimen 

Given that our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, it is important to CHERISH IT.

It is our super suit, our weapon, and our defense against things that the naked eye can not see. Every day it protects us from free radicals and pollutants in the air, the intrusive UV rays from the sun, day-to-day germs and even our bad habits. At some point it is going to need a little bit of our help.

Creating a routine that nourishes and strengthens our skin is vital for preserving what is underneath and what will eventually rise up to the surface. Using medical grade skincare and consistently seeing a skin expert for things we cannot do at home will not only visually and emotionally satisfy us, but we will know that physically on the inside the “work” is being done.

Our Foundation

We all love our foundation! It covers up our blemishes, our dark spots and evens out our tone to perfection. But maybe we’re relying on the wrong kind of foundation?

Instead of covering up our insecurities temporarily, we should be focused on treating them from the inside out for long term health and results because after all, our skin is our canvas. We can only disguise our imperfections so much!

When it comes to skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines (things our makeup can not change) our only hope is skincare. Using products with specific ingredients geared to improve the health of our skin is the foundation of that youthful, glowing surface we all strive for.

In hindsight, time has always been our enemy because it just never stops… And neither does our skin. Over time as we age the surface of our skin, our epidermis, gets lazy and doesn’t want to shed dead cells to resurface fresh ones, thus wrinkles and texture.

It is our job to facilitate that process rather than skip out on a daily and nightly routine. Not one step in a skincare routine is more important than the other. Our cleanser, moisturizers, SPF, etc. all work together as a team to ensure the exfoliation (chemical and mechanical), hydration and barrier protection.

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Investing in reliable and clinically proven skin care is worth the time and patience it takes to be able to wake up, look in the mirror and love our skin instead of covering up what is most beautiful.