4 Essential Skincare Tips for Travel

August 14, 2022

IV2. 2.Traveling away from home, whether for vacation, work, etc., can be stressful. Being away from your routine can be a struggle, and all these changes may affect your skin because you might not be able to travel with the standard sized skinBe skincare products, traveling via flight can be detrimental to your skin, and a long day on the road can leave you feeling and possibly looking washed out and drained. 


Here is what you can do to prevent a skin freak-out


1. Keep Skin Hydrated

Unfortunately, traveling can suck a lot of the moisture out of your skin, leaving you with dry skin that feels tight and uncomfortable. This is a result of decreased humidity within the atmosphere. Planes tend to have 10% less humidity present in the air than most experience in their everyday environment. You can avoid this by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out. Start by drinking adequate water before and during your travels, which will help keep your skin going strong while you travel.

At skinBe, we also offer IV drip cocktails to boost your hydration before a big travel day.

2. Moisturize

On the day of your travels, use hydration-intense products and drink plenty of water to maintain your skin’s moisture, especially for flights. 

3. Think Travel-Size 

Stock up on your skincare essentials with travel-size skin care products to maintain your glow no matter where you go. We have travel-size skin care for various skin concerns with all your must-have products in the perfect travel containers. If your most essential products are unavailable travel-size packaging, you can always find a suitable container to store your product with minimal effort—and to ensure that they’ll fit inside your travel bag

4. Wear Sunscreen

This is a must-do for everyone! Most of us assume that since you will be “inside” a car, train, or plane, you do not need sunscreen. However, that is not right because you will still be exposed to harmful. And when you are taking a flight, you are close to the sun, putting you at a higher risk of damaging your skin! Why should sunscreen be your best friend? Read our related blog.


Fighting the adverse effects of traveling on your skin may seem daunting at first, but a little planning beforehand goes a long way. Focus on keeping your skin hydrated, and bring your most essential skincare products every time you travel. This will help keep your regular skincare routine in place with few adjustments. When traveling, apply moisture-preserving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to maintain your skin’s hydration, and you will not have to worry about your skin anytime you travel.