4 Aftercare Tips For Botox or Dysport

June 20, 2022

Botox and Dysport are two types of neuromodulators which soften the muscles in the face.

Our clients can get neuromodulator treatments for numerous reasons: as a preventative measure to keep the skin looking youthful, to soften existing fine lines, or to improve the appearance of a ‘gummy’ smile or dimpling of the chin.

Now you have received your anti-aging neuromodulator treatment—what aftercare do you need for Botox or Dysport?



Here are some best practices:

1. Trust It’s Working!

Botox and Dysport will start to work in 2 – 7 days and will be in full effect in about two weeks. Our Master Nurse Injectors will complete your assessment and develop your treatment plan based on your needs. After your first treatment, we will make a follow-up appointment in two weeks to make any adjustments to your treatment plan to ensure the best results!


2. Relax!

Do not complete strenuous exercise that may cause the treatment areas to sweat.


3. Don’t massage or apply excess pressure to your face

Do not massage treatment areas. Excess movement in the treatment area can cause the product to move to nearby muscles. Avoid wearing tight headbands or hats. Of course, complete your skincare routine! But do not heavily exfoliate and rub the treatment areas. Do not apply extreme pressure when applying your anti-aging skin care products! (link here?)


4. Be aware of possible side effects

Headaches may be a possible side effect. Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be used for discomfort as directed by our Master Nurse Injectors.



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