Go Ahead, Treat Yourself! Research Shows Rewards Work When It Comes To Exercise

May 2, 2022

Now backed by science: “treat yourself” 



Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have used megastudies to answer the question–

“What’s the best way to stay motivated to exercise?”


The researchers tested 53 different approaches to increasing exercise as measured by the frequency of gym visits among 61,000 people. 


The approaches ranged from reminders, rewards and pledges and to keeping a journal, framing exercise as fun and sharing workouts on social media. 


About half of these tactics worked to increase gym visits. 


However, one of the best-performing approaches was to offer people 9 cents in reward points if they returned to the gym after missing a planned workout. 


These “micro-rewards” increased gym visits by 16%.


In conclusion:


Small rewards help us stay consistent with our exercise goals.



Making your workout a habit isn’t always easy when you’re getting started. Creating a healthy routine will help you stay consistent and avoid missing your workout.


Here are a six ideas for creating a reward system that helps you stay motivated to exercise:


  1. 1. Reward Yourself DURING


Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. Instead of forcing yourself to endure another gym workout, reward yourself by doing something you love somewhere you love. For example, working out with friends in the great outdoors might be a way to bring joy to the workout. Try a unique workout class like aerial silks or join a sports team.


  1. 2. Give Yourself a Recovery Day


The spa is great, but the Med Spa is BETTER. We’ll help you customize an IV nutritional drip cocktail with booster shots to maximize your recovery time. Rehydrate after a week of workouts and give your body the nutrients it needs.


  1. 3. Pay Yourself


Even though this may sound silly at first, putting a dollar amount to your workouts is definitely one way to reward yourself for getting sweaty. Consider tossing a dollar (or five) into a jar after every workout. Once you’ve earned $100, treat yourself to some awesome new workout gear like running shoes or fashionable workout clothes. Not only will this make you look great and feel more confident — every time you wear the new item, you’ll be reminded that you achieved your goal and can do it again!


  1. 4. Track Your Workouts or Keep a Journal


Sometimes all the incentive you need is to acknowledge your progress. Even reaching the smallest of milestones should be worthy of feeling proud. When you set a goal that’s out of reach, you might get discouraged you’re not seeing dramatic results within a few weeks. A good way to track your progress is to keep a journal to jot down notes after every workout. Record what exercises you completed and how each routine makes you feel physically and mentally.


  1. 5. Supplement Your Workout with Body by Be

Instead of rewarding yourself with an entire sleeve of Oreos after every workout, give yourself a reward that will support your body goals. Our non-invasive, body contouring treatments burn fat and build muscle to help you 10x your results! Sign up to get a complimentary assessment to see if EmSculpt is right for you.