Treating Incontinence with Emsella

April 11, 2022

You may have been hearing about BTL’s Emsella device which is a solution for incontinence.

You may be thinking–

How can you treat incontinence while just sitting on a chair?!

Let’s Talk About Incontinence

There are many reasons why people experience incontinence including stress and urge.

Urge incontinence happens when bladder muscles contract at the wrong times. Have you coughed or sneezed and you felt some leakage?

This happens to everyone every once in a while but if you experience it on a weekly basis and it negatively affects your quality of life, keep reading.

Targeting the Pelvic Floor

Sometimes called the kegal throne, the Emsella, uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to contract the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles play a role in bladder control in women and men.

Yes, even men can benefit from this treatment. They, too, have a pelvic floor 😉

If you experience incontinence for any reason– talk to your doctor. You may have weak pelvic floor muscles.

You can practice kegel exercises every day, maintain a healthy weight and make lifestyle changes to reduce the symptoms.

However, the Emsella is a game changer due to the fact that it contracts the pelvic floor muscles 11,200 times in 28 minutes (!).

The result is greater neuromuscular control of the bladder.

The treatment not only strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, it also helps improve sexual satification. In men, it can even help with erectile dysfunction (ED).

When Will You See Results With Emsella?

BTL, parent company of Emsella, recommends a series of 6 treatments initially. However, everyone is different so your treatment plan may be slightly different.

The best part– you can do this treatment with with no downtime!

After your next workout at the gym, head over to skinBe to workout your pelvic floor muscles.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ this is true for treating incontinence with the use of the Emsella chair.

After your initial 6 sessions, 1 session a month is recommended to maintain results of treatment.

Many people have reported improvements after only just one session!

This is like any other muscle in the body and we need to treat it the same way, no one deserves to live with incontinence and the sooner you treat the source, life will dramatically improve.

The Emsella can benefit many individuals whether you may be in your 20s or 60s, male or female; this treatment is amazing.

The Emsella is FDA approved to treat incontinence in women and men but there are additional benefits for sexual wellness and improved quality of life.

How To Get Started

You probably have a lot of questions about this device and if you’ve never been to skinBe Med Spa we offer complimentary Anti-Aging and Wellness Assessments to get a better idea of why you are interested in the Emsella treatment and your goals.

During the assessment the provider will go in depth about the Emsella and if you are a good candidate.

We can even start treatment the same day to get the party started!

Contact us today if you are thinking about trying the Emsella, you won’t regret it.