Lipo – Super MIC

October 22, 2021

Lipo-C injections are used to preserve lean muscle tissue and promote body fat reduction. They can also boost metabolism temporarily and support proper hormone function and a healthy immune system. 

Lipotropic injections are growing in popularity, thanks to their positive effects on weight loss. It is a fantastic tool to accompany a healthy diet along with an exercise regimen. Even though Lipo C doesn’t directly cause weight loss, it can indirectly boost it by speeding up the immune system and healing the fat-burning process in your body.  

If you’re wondering if these injections are safe, the answer is yes. Liptropic injections are safe with proper dosage as we have a limit to how much you can receive per week. You can have up to two doses (2ml) of this nutrient weekly. So, if you are using it for weight loss and fat loss the proper dosing is to be the two doses weekly with consistency.

What are Lipo C injections made from? 

Our injection, in particular, is made with MIC (a combination of Methionine, Inositol and Choline + Super B Vitamin complex) which are all lipotropic nutrients. They decrease fat deposits and speed up metabolism, which enhances a healthy liver. 

Methionine is an essential amino acid and it is involved in the breakdown of fat. It is also an antioxidant so it will help protect your body from free radicals in addition to promoting healthy skin, hair and nails.  Since our body doesn’t naturally produce this amino acid, you can take it in forms of supplements, injections and methionine rich foods such as turkey, fish, beef, pork, tofu, beans, nuts, milk, cheese and whole grains like quinoa.

Methionine has also been proven to help reduce and prevent fatigue and depression. It can also help reduce cholesterol levels, help prevent kidney stones and reduce the damage of heavy metals in the blood. 

Choline is a loptropic amino acid- it can lower cholesterol deposits by breaking down accumulated fats in the liver by increasing the production of lecithin by the liver, thereby helping to keep cholesterol more soluble and lessening deposits in blood vessels.  Choline can also improve your mental performance and enhance cerebrovascular blood flow that’s essential for healthy cardiovascular, hepatic and endocrine systems. 

Inositol (a B vitamin) works at the cellular level and aids in fat metabolism and nerve transmission. The composition of these injections helps your body detoxify. Inositol also helps control blood sugar levels by stimulating the nerve conductivity that controls the pancreas governing the release of insulin. Recent studies have suggested it may assist in alleviating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms. 

Super B vitamin complex – a blend of B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids that also support weight loss, overall liver function, detoxification and help regulate the body’s metabolism. Because the injection contains vital nutrients required for ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate-which is responsible for storing and transferring energy in cells) critical for every cell in your body, the injection can boost energy and vitality.

Injected vitamins are more efficient because they bypass the digestive process and enter the bloodstream directly where they are immediately absorbed by the body and begin to work faster.