Pregnancy Hormones Can Be Frustrating But We Have A Solution

October 8, 2021


You might have gotten the news that you are now growing a little one and you don’t know what’s safe and isn’t safe to continue on your anti-aging and wellness journey. Even though you become pregnant, you still want to remain consistent with your skincare and treatments but with a few tweaks and adjustments.

At skinBe Med Spa, we pride ourselves in the WOW experience and that means for any and everyone, no matter your restrictions or needs, we will make sure you are getting the best results possible. We customize every single person’s regimen and cater to each individual’s needs or restrictions.

Let’s talk specifically about being pregnant, you want to stay on track for your anti-aging and wellness journey but you don’t know what is safe and what’s not and you feel overwhelmed. Well I’m here to help you and clear things up, as everyone is different so this will be covering the basics.

First is your skincare routine, you become pregnant and might be struggling with acne more than you ever have and you become frustrated. Well first off, don’t get frustrated, your hormones are all over the place and you are creating a blessing in your stomach. There are only a few restrictions when it comes to your skincare routine. Here is a list of products that you shouldn’t use while pregnant (this is just a recommendation but it depends on your doctor as you should be discussing all medications and products to get the okay to continue to use them or not): Vitamin A (any retinol or Tretinoin), Hydroquinone (Clear & Blender), and the AHA Clarifying Serum. 

That leaves so many other products that you can continue to safely use (after speaking with your doctor) to keep you consistent as much as possible and limit any aging that happens during the pregnancy process. For a complete list of products, you can call the clinic or stop by and we would be happy to provide all necessary details.

Now for treatments, if you want to stay consistent and you are a member, you can still come in monthly for your dermaplane but we suggest not getting the peel while pregnant. You will still see amazing results from the dermaplane as it is removing the vellus hair, helping your products penetrate deeper into the skin and making your skin look glowy and smooth. Then you can feel good about staying consistent with our basic treatment.

As for the other treatments we offer here at skinBe Med Spa, we will not perform any filler and botox treatments. We offer many different products that can help with this while you are pregnant. For example, skinBe HA+ Firming Boost and WRI-LAX are both great to keep your skin tight and wrinkle free. Our WRI-LAX is referred to as “Botox in a bottle” so you won’t feel as bad about not getting those treatments since you’ll have amazing products to help in the meantime. 

Stop by and we would love to help you with any of your concerns for whatever restrictions may apply to you. We will come up with the perfect plan just for you.