All About Acne

September 12, 2021


Acne is extremely common and it affects so many people’s self-confidence yet nobody likes to talk about it. There is no magic wand that will help with acne besides consistency and the right treatment plan. You need to stay consistent, not only with medical grade skincare chosen just for you by a specialist but there are also treatments and tips that will help.

Most people don’t think of all the little things that add up but when they are combined they play such a huge role in your skin and achieving the ultimate glow up.

First off, what is acne? Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells, the production of excess oil (sebum), and bacteria. Those are the most common factors of acne but there are many different types and things that may trigger or worsen acne, such as hormonal changes, certain medications, your diet, and stress.

The first thing we talk about when helping your acne is using medical grade skincare every day. It is extremely important to have the proper skincare for your specific needs, as everyone’s skin is very different and what works on some won’t work on others. It is best to talk to someone who specializes in it, so you know that you are purchasing products that have been clinically studied to work and deliver results. The medical grade skincare offered at skinBe Med Spa has been proven to deliver results and is an absolute game changer when it comes to your skin

While skincare is so important and should be part of everyone’s daily routine (morning and night), there are also other factors that play a role. Things that seem so minor and sound so simple but add up over time just like everything in life.

Washing your face, the first step in any healthy skincare regime. This step is vital to rid your skin of the excess oils and clean your pores to limit them from getting clogged, which turns to acne. When you are cleansing, don’t over-exfoliate. People think, the harder they scrub or more frequently they wash, the cleaner their face will be, limiting the amount of acne. Which is sadly, not the case. When you over exfoliate, you are causing damage to your outer layer of skin, known as the epidermis. The damage can leave you feeling dry, flaky, cause redness and peeling and can even cause acne inflammation. Don’t over exfoliate.

With that said, make sure you are double cleansing when you wear makeup (this is not considered over exfoliating when using the proper products as sold at skinBe). Start with a gentle cleanser to remove make-up and then immediately after, wash again to ensure a clean face for the next steps to work optimally. You would be surprised how much make-up is left over when you just wash your face once – and I know you have heard the sin of all skincare sin’s, don’t use a make-up wipe to remove your make-up. I could go on about the negatives about make-up wipes, but we can discuss that in another blog.

After cleansing and going through your skincare regimen based on your treatment plan, make sure you are always using a medical grade moisturizer. People with acne fear moisturizer because they believe they already produce too much oil and don’t won’t to make their skin any oilier, which is quite the opposite. Your skin needs moisture so when you wash your face, you are stripping your face of its natural oils and when you don’t use a moisturizer to end your skincare routine, you are potentially causing more wrinkles because it’s dry – causing you to age faster and none of us want that. When you top off your skincare with a moisturizer, you are adding hydration which leads to a firm and brighter complexion. The moisturizers offered at skinBe are hydrating and work well with all skin types.

The most important step – sunblock. Without this step, all the other skincare products are useless. You don’t need to wear a SPF at night, but after you moisturize in the morning, you need to make sure you are applying a mineral SPF every single day – every couple hours throughout the day, even if it’s cloudy or you will be inside all day. It’s important that you use a mineral SPF because it is effective immediately and helps protect all the layers of your skin from the harmful rays which can be found everywhere. Think about sunblock like this, you go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, but you don’t brush your teeth daily, your teeth will not stay clean or protected by the twice a year cleaning. All the hard work you put into your skin with your skincare is pointless if you are not wearing a SPF and it’s one of the most important steps you can add to your daily routine.

A few other tips to keep that acne off your face.

  • Change your pillowcase often as you shed dead skin cells when you sleep, and they just become built up on your pillowcase.
  • Wipe down and sanitize your phone multiple times a day because it is one of the most germ filled objects that you are constantly touching and putting to your face.
  • It’s not always simple but try and limit your stress. You can limit your stress by exercising which is another way to help your acne. A quick walk outside or do some sort of exercise to get your body moving can help tremendously, which will help lower stress so it’s a two for one to be healthy.
  • When exercising, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. You need to be consuming a minimum of half your body weight, in ounces of water per day. Water is essential for your body, so when you are not consuming enough, your body will hold onto more toxins, which cause more breakouts and acne issues.

There are many other ways to limit acne, but it comes down to staying consistent and using medical grade skincare along with other treatment modalities custom to each client. Be cautious of what you are putting on your face, the products matter and just because something has a higher price tag or is endorsed by a celebrity does not make it medical grade. At skinBe we can create the perfect skincare routine with products that will help get you started on your journey to glowing youthful skin.